5 Questions With Dante Amatangelo, Associate Partner & Executive Consultant, Coordinator of Validation and Business Development at PQE Group

May 2, 2023

“5 Questions With…” is a recurring BioBuzz series where we reach out to interesting people to share a little about themselves, their work, and maybe something completely unrelated. This week we welcome Dante Amatangelo, Associate Partner & Executive Consultant, Coordinator of Validation and Business Development at PQE Group.

1) Please introduce yourself to our audience by looking back at your education, training, and career path.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I graduated from Washington & Jefferson in 2012 with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts as a Biology major. Before working in the life sciences, I had a brief stint working as a medical assistant for a privately owned primary care physician and as a brand specialist for applicable laptops/TVs/smart technology. My career in the life science industry started in 2014 in Frederick, Maryland, at Leidos Biomedical Research, where I worked as a validation/calibration technician and was exposed to a vast amount of critical utilities and equipment.

In 2018, I began working at VaLogic as a senior validation specialist/consultant/project manager providing service to multiple clients throughout the DMV. In 2020, I took a position working as a project manager for Ellab Inc. providing consulting services and managing a team of engineers with a focus in the Greater Chicago area. Currently, I’m based in Raleigh, NC, working for PQE Group as an Associate Partner and executive consultant with a focus in validation coordination and business development. Although I’m based in Raleigh, I’m now working throughout the US in conjunction with PQE subsidiaries around the globe. Outside of work, I continue to be a member of ISPE, which gives me the opportunity to connect with local chapters as well as support the planning committee for the ISPE Annual Meeting ISPE.

2) Can you share more about your specific role at PQE Group? What are your main goals in this role, and what’s your favorite part about your job?

In my current role at PQE, I’m fortunate to have a variety of responsibilities.  These can span from operating as a project manager for small to large sized teams for validation/commissioning projects, fostering working relationships with current clients to better understand facility needs for future support, building new business relationships/partnerships to foster new validation/qualification/commissioning opportunities for PQE, and most importantly helping PQE to enhance and foster a strong culture for the PQE US division. 

It’s hard to say what my favorite thing is particularly, but the opportunity to develop new business relationships and be involved in the ongoing development of a company culture with a focus on diversity/inclusion and employee growth and development have been my favorite parts of the job.  These are areas I’ve always felt were my strong suit and PQE has given me a great opportunity to expand upon some of my natural leadership/communication skills.

3) Can you tell us more about why companies should consider partnering with PQE Group and what type of services you offer to your clients?

Companies should consider partnering with PQE Group for several reasons.  PQE is a global service provider in the life science industry and has experience with a plethora of biopharmaceutical facilities. We offer a broad scope of services (i.e. data integrity, GxP compliance, digital governance, commissioning/qualification, quality engineering, regulatory affairs, audit support).  PQE has SME’s working in just about every sector of the life sciences industry and can likely help support just about any client need.  PQE also has the ability to utilize resources that are not only local to a particular client, but we also can assign workers to projects all over the globe and collaborate with a global network of SMEs. 

Whether it be on-site or remote, PQE can provide the necessary manpower to support projects day-and-night if the demand for time is great.  At PQE, we also have a great service team that will make sure the client experience is an enjoyable one, with no lack of communication for any questions or updates needed along the way.

4) Consulting is becoming a popular career path, particularly for scientists and medical professionals. What, in your opinion, are the top skills needed to be successful in a life science-focused consulting role?

For me, the most important traits for any consultant (aside from having good experience in your area of expertise) is to be punctual, flexible and straightforward.  These may all sound similar, but developing each skill individually will certainly lead to success.  I know from experience that there is nothing more my clients appreciate than my providing updates and completing project activities on time and as agreed upon; if for some reason there are delays, which are almost always guaranteed, being able to provide a straightforward update with revised expectations is critical.  To highlight the importance of flexibility, often resources needs are shuffled or projects have unforeseen requirements.  Being able to adjust while maintaining a good organized scope of work allows for better transparency and ultimately better client satisfaction.

5) What is the best piece of advice that you’ve ever been given?

The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is simply to have a clear understanding of my priorities.  It may sound simple, but as I’ve made advances through my career it has become more and more relevant.  We don’t all have the luxury to say no to work assignments or to avoid certain life circumstances, but when you have a clear understanding of your priorities and have a strong sense of your personal capabilities you can navigate the pressures of work and life by being honest with yourself and communicating that honestly with your professional and social networks.