Pathsensors CEO, Ted Olsen

A Day in the Life of Pathsensors CEO, Ted Olsen

The Maryland Biotech industry is made up a whole range of biotech companies beyond medical technologies and therapeutics. PathSensors is one of those companies.

This Baltimore-based, commercial biotech company provides high-speed, high-sensitivity pathogen detection and threat prevention solutions through three proprietary platforms. Their CANARY technology, licensed from MIT, is regarded as one of the most advanced solutions available, in terms of sensitivity and speed of detection.

PathSensors works with high profile clients like the Pentagon, banks, Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, agricultural organizations, food producers, and more to detect a wide-variety of deadly pathogens in order to stop outbreaks before they spread.

Aside from being a respected innovator and executive in the detection industry, PathSensors CEO, Ted Olsen, is a highly visible leader in the regional biotech community, serving on the Governors Life Science Advisory Board since 2016 and a vocal advocate for the growing ecosystem.

PathSensors has given us a snapshot of what a day in the life of Mr. Olsen is like running a successful commercial biotech company.

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