Advanced BioScience Laboratories Seeking New Talent for Vibrant Workplace Culture

Rockville, Maryland’s Advanced BioScience Laboratories, Inc. (ABL) is a rapidly growing, innovative, biotech company and a strategic viral GMP manufacturer/contract research organization with superb technical prowess. ABL is a CDMO and CRO providing GMP manufacturing and immunology solutions for gene therapies, oncolytics, vaccines, and other immunotherapeutics to biopharmaceutical, biotech, and life science organizations, and government agencies alike.

With cGMP facilities located in the U.S. and Europe, ABL is well-positioned to provide comprehensive process development and manufacturing support with mirroring technologies for protein and virus production utilizing adherent and suspension platforms including single-use bioreactors and iCELLis.

ABL has forged partnerships to empower companies to bring life-changing innovations to market, saving patient lives as we address the world’s most challenging diseases. We provide consultative clarity that mitigates risk, optimizes processes, and leverages data to advance your regulatory approval.

And since their inception in 1961, ABL has been a trusted service provider to the NIH and has the infrastructure and expertise to proficiently execute a wide array of product development work for medical countermeasures, emerging diseases, and diagnostics. ABL delivers a fully integrated solution to its partners, including cell line and process development services, GMP manufacturing capabilities, quality control testing, fill/finish services
and quality assurance/regulatory support.

To support its rapidly growing portfolio, ABL is actively searching for talented individuals to join its team, advance its mission, and shape its culture.

Talent Acquisition and Workplace Culture Top Priorities at ABL

ABL’s impressive growth has sparked a hiring push to add new talent to the team and augment its vibrant yet still developing workplace culture.

Diana Elias, ABL’s HR Director and the company’s talent acquisition lead, stated, ”As we move into the GMP regulated waters, we are looking for new amazing, passionate team members to help ABL improve processes and prepare for scale up while remaining focused on a client-centric approach.”

Continually improving, refining, and protecting ABL’s burgeoning workplace culture is also a top priority for the company. ABL’s leadership and talent acquisition team understands that attracting top talent is about more than a title or salary; talented people want to join a culture where they can thrive, their voices are heard, and, perhaps most importantly, they see a pathway to opportunity, professional development, and longevity. 

The company is investing time and money into building a strong workplace culture that delivers comprehensive value to its existing team, which, in turn, is critical to attracting, hiring, and retaining the new talent it needs to keep growing.    

“Our culture is morphing as we grow. We have a great foundation in place, but we are always thinking of new ways to increase accountability, communicate better and empower our team. Building a great place to work where our team can thrive is not just about being laser focused on our customers and how we can deliver a consistently outstanding customer experience. Building something greater requires us to invest in building a remarkable employee and job candidate experience as well. The customer, employee, and candidate experiences are interconnected and equally important to the success of ABL,” stated Elias. 

“Talent retention is so important to us. We want to deliver an engaging, transparent, and honest talent experience from the moment someone becomes an ABL job candidate through onboarding and their day-to-day life at ABL. We are building a great culture here that will attract the right talented people and inspire them to stay with us long term,” she added.

Small Company Feel, Large Global Footprint

ABL is part of a family of companies within Institut Merieux, a holding company headquartered in Lyon, France. Institut Merieux is a family-owned organization of five public health companies with over 45 global locations and 2019 global sales of 3.2B Euros. Institut Merieux’s mission is to improve global public health through innovative approaches to diagnostics, immunotherapy, food safety, and nutrition. ABL’s sibling companies include BioMerieux, Merieux Nutrisciences, and Transgene.

ABL’s existing contract research teams have decades of experience with immunoassays, developing custom assays and panels to support human clinical trials and preclinical animal studies. The ABL team routinely works with clients to design and run immunogenicity studies, biomarker analyses and other evaluations to better understand the impact of cutting-edge therapies. 

ABL team members engage in any number of exciting initiatives, including exploring the mechanism of action of therapies, mapping correlates of protection, supporting pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamics studies and helping to generate other critical safety and efficacy data critical to product commercialization.

ABL U.S., which has approximately 125 staff members, offers its team a smaller work environment within a very large family of companies with 20,000 employees across the globe.   

“What you do and say matters at ABL. There is less red tape here and many opportunities to put your stamp on something and make a big impact on where we are going. Plus, once the pandemic subsides, our connection with Institut Merieux will continue to provide our team with global collaboration opportunities you’d never find at a stand alone, smaller biotech,” shared Elias. 

ABL’s Upcoming Virtual Recruiting Event a Great Opportunity to Learn More

On December 2nd at 12pm, ABL will hold a virtual recruiting event to share more about open positions, its mission, and its evolving workplace culture. Elias, along with other key leaders from ABL, will participate in the interactive event, sharing their own experiences and taking questions from participants. 

Join the event and interact with:

ABL’s current openings include but are not limited to:

ABL has multiple job openings across a wide range of functions and attending this virtual recruiting event is a critical first step for talented individuals looking to advance their careers. ABL anticipates adding more jobs in 2021, so please join ABL’s leaders on December 2nd at 12pm to learn more about the company and its future plans.