Alexis Taylor Brings Storytelling to Science with Workforce Genetics & BioBuzz

April 29, 2019

Alexis Taylor has joined Workforce Genetics as a Scientific Content Marketing Associate and BioBuzz as a Science and Biotechnology Writer.  Alexis will be supporting the marketing and employer branding programs for several of Workforce Genetics’ biotech clients and will be the newest science and biotech writer for BioBuzz, helping to tell the latest stories from the Biohealth Capital Region.

Workforce Genetics, Life Science Recruiting and Marketing Agency

“We are thrilled to have Alexis join the team,” shared Workforce Genetics CEO, Chris Frew. “She brings a depth of industry knowledge and an enthusiasm for crafting engaging stories, the combination of which is quite unique in this field.  Our customers rely on us for strategic communication strategies that grow their brand, increase sales or attract new employees, and I know they are going to love working with Alexis.”

After 3 years in clinical research, Alexis decided to pursue the art of storytelling through scientific communication. Alexis says she has always had a passion for writing and is able to communicate complex scientific ideas to people who don’t have a technical background. She saw an opportunity to do what she loves for a living while filling an unmet need in the scientific community. “Science and medicine have always been my strong suit so I never dreamed that I would end up writing for a living. I feel lucky that I’ve found a path that allows me to combine the two things that I love.”

BioBuzz Media is the premier news and events platform for the Biohealth Capital Region.

Alexis joined BioBuzz because she wanted to help spread the word about the incredible advancements being made in the biotech and medical device community, specifically in the BioHealth Capital Region. “Many don’t know what strides are being made in the medical world and are often unaware of the new treatment options available to them. If someone who’s been diagnosed with cancer reads about a new therapy they might end up enrolling in a clinical trial that will save their lives or drastically improve their quality of life.”

Alexis graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelors of Science in Microbiology. Prior to starting her career in scientific writing, she worked in a variety of healthcare and biotech sectors including oncology research at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and biomanufacturing in the Research Triangle Park. During her time at JHU she earned the Executive Certificate in Healthcare Leadership and Management from the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.

Stay tuned to BioBuzz for more from Alexis Taylor. (alexis @

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Chris Frew
Over the past 8 years, Chris has grown BioBuzz into a respected brand that is recognized for its community building, networking events and news stories about the local biotech industry. In addition, he runs a Recruiting and Marketing Agency that helps companies attract top talent through a blended model that combines employer branding and marketing services together with a high powered recruiting solution.

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