An Employee-Centric Culture of Excellence has Helped CRB to Add Nearly 50 New Employees

CRB’s Commitment to an Excellent Work Culture Produces an Engaged Company of Great Employees

CRB, a global architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) and consulting firm, with a major office in Rockville, Maryland, has been on the cutting edge of the biotechnology real estate business for over 35 years. Established in 2014 with just 8 people, over the past 2 years CRB’s Rockville office has grown from 50 employees to over 90, says Ben Skowronski, office lead. And they are still growing!

That growth can largely be attributed to the office culture CRB has worked to cultivate; one that is respectful, supportive, and family-like in nature. The culture was one of the reasons why Skowronski joined the team in the first place.

“I was actually a vendor to CRB, and that’s how I got to know [the company],” Skowronski said. “And those relationships and seeing how much they cared about their own employees is what really drew me to working at CRB.”

The positive work culture comes easily thanks to the company’s core values. These values guide leadership and employees in their day-to-day, creating a unifying set of goals to work toward together.

The values consist of technical excellence, entrepreneurial spirit, collaboration, responsibility, and fun. Keeping sight of these values has been critical to growth, Skowronski said.

“The culture here is unlike anything else,” Skowronski said. “We hear it all the time from our clients that when you walk into a kick-off meeting or even a status meeting, there’s just a different feel, a different vibe when you’re working with CRB.”

With a focus on biotech and life sciences facilities, CRB often works with clients who are developing new drugs, products, and devices to help patients all across the globe. Working on these projects also helps drive CRB’s employees toward a simple, important mission.

“These projects are saving lives. They’re creating medicine, they’re helping people, and we really try to tie that back to our culture and to our people,” Skowronski said. “As well as making sure that we’re taking the technical side of everything very seriously, but also having fun along the way.”

One example of CRB’s recent growth is the company’s involvement in many COVID-related projects during 2020 and 2021, such as the development of an mRNA vaccine production facility in Switzerland. CRB has spearheaded the growth of the biohealth capital region by  leading major capital projects such as Novavax, TCR2 and Civica’s new facility in Virginia to name a few.

In recent years, CRB has leveraged their expertise serving cell and gene therapy companies, to establish themselves as the preeminent designer and builder for advanced facilities that bring personalized medicine to patients. Furthermore, they are seeing a comeback from traditional biotech and pharmaceutical companies, APIs, and “Fill Finish” projects that are helping bring pharmaceutical production back to the United States.

Through CRB’s ONEsolution integrated project delivery method, the company is able to offer clients all of their needs under one roof. ONEsolution offers cost-saving, high-quality solutions, on time and on budget. Leveraging combined expertise and technical excellence of a single project team, CRB delivers facilities in a safe, lean and collaborative way. ONEsolution aligns stakeholders at the onset of a project on quality, cost, and schedule, carrying the project from conception and design through to operational readiness.

Thanks to the company’s rapid growth, CRB is constantly on the lookout for new employees. Skowronski said CRB is specifically searching for emerging leaders and SMEs in project management (design and construction), MEP engineering, architecture, process engineering, automation and construction services.

“The goal is to get the people in here, and usually once they come in and they see the place, and meet our people, it’s a hard job to turn down.”

Check out the immediate Job Opportunities at CRB in Rockville: 

  1. Design Coordinator
  2. Design PM
  3. Construction PM
  4. Automation Engineer
  5. Process Engineer
  6. General Superintendent