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An investment in BioBuzz is an investment in your future. 

BioBuzz has been building life science communities for 14 years because we believe in the power of personal networks to unlock your career potential.

For our next chapter, we’re building upon the success of our community to help solve today’s greatest challenges in hiring and career development.

There is a better, more equitable way to connect talent with opportunity … and we’re building it.

FAQ's - Crowdfunding

WeFunder has a super robust Investor FAQ and Glossary that we encourage you to peruse. In the meantime, we’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received to date specific to our BioBuzz raise.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a form of investment vehicle that is regulated by the SEC in which anyone can become an investor and purchase equity in a private company. We chose to use WeFunder because it is a highly trusted platform with strong regulation and 1.4M investors using it. We wanted to select a platform that would give you confidence in your investment. You can read more about it at

Why crowdfund to raise capital?

Who better to ask than our CEO, Chris Frew:

“I’ve been running BioBuzz for 14 years, and I’ve loved serving our biotech community all that time.  Now I’m trusting that you, the community, will return your support for BioBuzz by joining us as a partial owner in our future.  This means that you can also participate and benefit from our success.  I’ve always believed in the power of community, which is at the heart of why I’ve kept BioBuzz going all of these years. Now as we grow, I want to do so through that same believe.”

What do I get by investing?

As an investor you get actual shares in BioBuzz Networks, Inc. Learn more via WeFunder

What is the minimum investment?

$100 with an uncapped maximum.


All investors will receive:

  • An invite to our investor-only BioBuzz community.
  • Inclusion on our “Meet Our Investors” landing page and subsequent shout-outs.
  • An exclusive ‘Investor’ Badge on your BioBuzz community profile. 
  • One-time, 20% off code to our BioBuzz apparel shop outfitted by NOVUS (good through 12/31/2024).

*Those investing above $25,000 will receive the greater of a 30% discount, or a $5,000 rebate, on a one-time purchase of BioBuzz services or products (good through 12/31/2025). For every $10,000 invested above $25,000, investors will receive an additional 10% discount or $1,500 rebate added; up to a maximum of a 50% total discount or $10,000 rebate.

 Learn more

What is a reservation?

We are in the “Testing the Waters” phase of our raise which means that your investment now will help us hit our first milestone. Once we hit that, then we will file with the SEC and you will be asked to confirm your reservation at which time it will become an investment. Here is the Testing the Waters legal disclosure that you can read.

FAQ's - Talent Lab

Layering on top of BioBuzz’s existing community platform, BioBuzz’s Talent Lab will deliver a truly personalized career and hiring experience that delivers continuous engagement between employers and candidates across biotech hubs.

What is the Talent Lab?

The Talent Lab is the first iteration of the new hiring platform we are building into BioBuzz. An easy way to think about it is that it will be like the UpWork for the life science industry. 


The Talent Lab will leverage our vast community of professionals, employers, and vendors by providing you a better way to connect you with consulting projects, contracts, fractional executive assignments or even full-time work. Our goal is to improve how hiring is done while enabling better workforce flexibility through skills-first matchmaking and career pathways to improve accessibility for all to rewarding careers.

What will the benefit be to employers?

Employers (large and small) will be able to achieve greater workforce flexibility, and the ability to hire faster, at a lower cost, all while accessing a broader, more diverse talent pool backed by real skills data.

What will the benefit be to jobseekers?

Job Seekers will get access to a personalized career network; with tailored resources, news, events, connections, and jobs delivered directly to you.

Tell me more...

BioBuzz’s Talent Lab will be the first fully integrated community & hiring platform for life sciences.

  • On-demand hiring through a two-sided talent marketplace
  • Validated skills & vetted talent
  • Matchmaking utilizing predictive AI 
  • Integrated community platform
  • Career resources for learning and development
  • Cultivated resources around regional biotech hubs to harness the uniqueness of each market

How can I get more involved?

If you can offer additional help or would like to learn more about how you can get involved in launching the Talent Lab, we’d love to hear from you. Here are some things we’re looking for.

  • Share the crowdfund. With your personal and professional networks. With angel investors. With anyone that wants to be a part of the future of work in life sciences.
  • Become a Founding Employer. We want to work to employers to build the best experience and solution – with premium features and positioning for our Founding Employers. 
  • Provide user feedback. Join our beta and help us build out our skills-first profiles.
  • Provide us with your unique and expert market insights. What roles and positions should we focus on first? What growing biohubs should we build out next?
  • Develop with us. Designers, programmers, and data scientists – we’re going to have some development and integration projects in the near future so if that’s your thing, get in touch.

If you want to get involved or learn more, please sign up here.


Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you if you have questions.