Behind the Scenes with BioBuzz and BIOTrain at Montgomery College

September 17, 2017

It’s not often that we take you behind the scenes at a BioBuzz event to show you what goes on when things get buzzing. We had the pleasure last week to be hosted by BIOTrain, PIC MC, and the Maryland Tech Connection at Montgomery College, Germantown. In addition to the usual BioBuzz conversations, connections, and beer, BioBuzzers had the unique opportunity to tour the BioTrain labs and learn more about MC’s innovative, partnership-driven campus.

Chris Frew, President of BioBuzz, put it perfectly when he said, “MC has done an amazing job at building partnerships that add value to the regional industry by addressing real challenges they face.  BIOTrain, for example, offers free training programs for employees at Maryland Biotech companies, and even customizes training for employers’ specific talent needs.”

BioBuzzers were lucky enough to get a tour of the brand new MC labs with administrator, Collins Jones. These labs are focused on training not research, which means that every student can have access to a full set of equipment, and a chance to use facilities and practice skills that would otherwise be off limits to them. These students have even more access to lab equipment than in a traditional 4 year college set up. In addition to training students for high quality lab work, the MC staff and faculty prepares them for the regulatory field, including how to do detailed documentation for research. BIOTrain partners with students, startups, and industry with a goal of getting startups and companies to stay in MD, hire their students, and put money back into the program to create a strong talent pipeline. 

The highlight of the tour was the mock-bioprocessing and manufacturing lab that MC built to simulate the experience of working in a clean room and the protocols involved with that experience. It was an amazing example of the depth and strength of the BIOTrain program in preparing students for successful careers in the biotech industry. By offering students hands on opportunities to develop the practical skills that they’ll need to grow in their biotech careers, BIOTrain is supporting local students and companies, growing the talent pipeline in Maryland, and encouraging long-term growth in the Maryland biotech industry.

Got questions for the BIOTrain team? Leave them in comments and spark a discussion!

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Over the past 8 years, Chris has grown BioBuzz into a respected brand that is recognized for its community building, networking events and news stories about the local biotech industry. In addition, he runs a Recruiting and Marketing Agency that helps companies attract top talent through a blended model that combines employer branding and marketing services together with a high powered recruiting solution.