Boyds Opens US Office in Philadephia Area

Pharmaceutical and biotech product development consultancy Boyds has opened its US office in the Philadelphia area and welcomed Katy Rudnick as vice president and head of US Regulatory Affairs to head up the newly established US company.
Since Boyds was established in 2005, the company has worked with US companies seeking to develop and gain approval for their medicines in Europe and further afield. Boyds’ global reputation for its work in advanced therapies has led to a steady increase in the number of companies approaching Boyds for this expertise, with over 60% of the company’s client base now in the US.
The new office opens in Pennsylvania, which is an ideal location for many of Boyds’ East Coast clients and provides a link between different time zones from Europe to the West Coast.
President and founder of Boyds, professor Alan Boyd, said, “The US is the largest biotech market globally, and we have a strong and growing client base in the US. Opening the office in Pennsylvania is the natural next step for Boyds and having a presence on the ground will ensure we can work closely with US clients looking to develop and take their products forward for approval with regulators in the US, but also the UK and Europe, via our UK and Dublin offices.”

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