Federal News Radio interviewed Rich Bendis, CEO of Biohealth Innovation and Jeff Galligher, CEO of Virginia Biotechnology Association (VaBio) on how collaboration is helping to build up the Biohealth Capital Region and the tremendous assets that give this region so much potential.  This one is well worth a listen this week, especially leading up to the annual BioHealth Capital Forum at MedImmune on the 23rd.


What’s Working in Washington EXTRA is an opportunity for us to discuss an issue of particular interest to the region. We’re talking today about life science, biotechnology, medical devices, and how these industries are successful and well-represented represented here in the D.C. region. Joining us to discuss the growth of these sectors are two experts: Richard Bendis, president & CEO of BioHealth Innovation Incorporated, and Jeff Gallagher, CEO of Virginia Biotechnology Association, or VABio.

ABERMAN: Well, it’s absolutely incredible. We were all together three and half weeks or so ago, at a big industry dinner. I must say, I came away day thinking that there is, first of all, a big unspoken story here, which is that we’re one of the leading life science regions in the United States. I’m not sure how many people know that. Tell me a bit about the region. Rich, I’ll start with you. You’re in the middle of helping to build companies here. What’s your sense of what’s going on here?

BENDIS: Jonathan, first, let’s define the region. This region didn’t have a brand until a couple years ago, like Silicon Valley, or Route 128. So, AstraZeneca MedImmune decided to get a group of industry leaders together to say, how we brand this region? What differentiates us from other regions in the United States? And over a six month period, VABio, which was involved with Jeff Gallagher and a number of other participants, came up with a name: BioHealth Capital Region. And it’s Biohealth, not Biotech, it’s not life sciences.

Listen to the audio recording above or view full interview transcript here…



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