Big Data in Biomedical: Quantum and AI to Problem Solve and Optimize

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The BioHealth Capital Region Forum offered many insights into the state of the industry, but the most prevalent theme was certainly big data. Panelists and keynote speakers across multiple events spoke about the importance of data in the biohealth and life sciences industry and how artificial intelligence will help the sector innovate.

Seven Public Cell Therapy Companies Delivering Opportunities for Investors and Patients

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Cell therapies have grown to become a prevailing field dominating new medical breakthroughs with the promise of treatments and cures for multiple diseases. The biopharma hubs of Philadelphia and Maryland have emerged as important drivers of this new wave of medicine, build on the foundation of renowned research institutes, universities, and a number of successful cell therapy companies who have paved the way forward in this field.

BioFactura is on Course to Become a Global Leader in Biosimilar Development

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Since the approval of the first biosimilar drug in the United States six years ago, the market has rapidly expanded and is expected to grow to approximately $23 billion in the U.S. by 2027. And Maryland’s BioFactura anticipates it will be one of the companies at the forefront of this revolution of new medications.

Capital Region Emerges as Undisputed Leader in War on Infectious Diseases

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With the Delta variant driving over 100,000 new infections per day across the United States, the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over. While COVID continues to rage, infectious disease experts are not only battling the ongoing pandemic but are on the lookout for the next virulent threat.

Fulton Bank Aims to be a Key Partner for the Life Science and Technology Community

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Late in 2019, Fulton Bank launched a brand-new division to support emerging Life Science and Technology companies. Many traditional banks have historically shied away from these types of companies, which often operate in pre-revenue business models that are more complicated to assess. However, if successful, these companies represent some of the greatest potential for growth and economic impact.

BioHealth Capital Region Retains Strong Grip on No. 4 Spot of Top 10 U.S. Biopharma Hubs Eyes Third Spot by 2023

BioHealth Capital Region growth
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As a life sciences cluster, the BioHealth Capital Region is poised to become a top-three cluster in the Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN) Top 10 Biopharma Clusters ranking on the strengths of early-stage companies becoming commercial successes and the construction of millions of square feet of new wet lab space.

Big Bio and Big Data to Converge at the 7th Annual BioHealth Capital Region Forum

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The 7th annual BioHealth Capital Region (BHCR) Forum will be held virtually again in 2021 with a small change. This year the Forum will be split between two half-days held on September 13th and 14th. With the theme of “Big Bio…Big Data…Converging”, the Forum will bring together the top biotech and life science executives and expert speakers from across the industry, academia, healthcare, government, finance, and real estate development, among others, to discuss this emerging space in BioHealth.

8 TEDCO Talks for Biotech and Life Science Enthusiasts in the BHCR

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TEDCO Talks’, a video series launched by TEDCO in November 2020, serves as a platform for individuals to hear from thought leaders on economic development in the BioHealth Capital Region (BHCR), and particularly in Maryland. These 30-minute virtual ‘fireside chats’ cover a range of topics, such as advice to small businesses dealing with COVID-19, available funding programs and benefits, diversity and inclusion, and more.

400+ Inventions, Millions In Revenues Touted By Hopkins Start-Ups

JHTV Annual Report
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“Fiscal Year 2021 was an extraordinary one for Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures despite the challenges of the pandemic,” Executive Director Christy Wyskiel told BioBuzz in an email. “We took full advantage of the momentum from the last few years.”