Don’t Get Distracted Over ARPA-H Fight; Let’s Win the Bigger Prize

Congress has approved a new agency — the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H) — that will ‘supercharge’ breakthrough medical research and provide over $1 billion in new research funding.

A fight has broken out, however, over ARPA-H’s headquarters’ location. The Maryland congressional delegation is working to locate it in state, but when a majority in Congress senses a chance to put a prestigious scientific headquarters in their home districts, Maryland likely will not win this battle.

But jockeying for the ARPA-H headquarters overlooks the critical point that little research will take place at the headquarters, just as internal defense research does not take place at the DARPA headquarters in Northern Virginia. Instead, Maryland and the region should be thinking of ways to compete to win ARPA-H grants, regardless of where the headquarters ends up.

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