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November 13, 2019 @ 7:30 AM 9:00 AM


Clinical Production of Car-T Autoglous Products at Frederick National Laboratory
Recent advancements in cancer immunotherapies and recent clinical trials with emerging cellular therapeutics such as tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs), engineered T-cell receptors (TCRs), and Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CAR) T-cell therapies are generating huge interest and activity both academically and industrially. The treatment of cancer patients with autologous T cells expressing achimeric antigen receptor (CAR) is one of the most promising adoptive cellular therapy approaches. The Biopharmaceutical Development Program (BDP) at the Frederick National Laboratories for Cancer Research (FNLCR) was recently tasked with the setting up of a facility to manufacture clinical-grade cell therapy products with an objective of meeting NCI clinical trial needs. This presentation briefly introduces the audience to various aspects of cell therapy manufacture.
Vinay Vyas PhD – Biopharmaceutical Development Program, Advanced Technology Research Facility, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research

Short linear immunomodulatory peptides enhance T cell activity and show anti-tumor activity.
Dr. Vin Kotraiah leads the Explorations in Global Health (ExGloH) peptide discovery team by overseeing library screens and hit to lead generation, assay design and development, and lead optimization activities.  Prior to joining ExGloH, Dr. Kotraiah worked for 10 years with several drug discovery teams while employed at Exonhit SA (now Diaxonhit) and Intrexon Corporation and played a key role in target validation and assay development for structure–activity relationship (SAR) studies.  Dr. Kotraiah is a twice-awarded solver on the InnoCentive crowd-sourced innovation platform and has several pending patent applications in drug discovery technology.  Dr. Kotraiah received his M.S. From the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, and his Ph.D. at the University of Maryland.

Checkmate:  The Rational Combination and Testing of Therapeutics with Checkpoint Inhibitors in Oncology
The treatment of cancer patients has been revolutionized by the use of checkpoint inhibitors such as Pembrolizumab and Ipilimumab. These agents are able to activate the immune system in patients to attack tumor cells and induce durable remissions. Unfortunately, many patients are refractory to these treatments, and new strategies are needed to expand the number of patients that can derive clinical benefit. We will discuss strategies and methods for testing and developing drugs for use in combination with checkpoint inhibitors allowing the expansion of the population of cancer patients that can be successfully treated.
Stephen Horrigan, PhD – Chief Scientific Officer, Noble Life Sciences, Inc

Advanced Technology Research Facility

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