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Virtual Event
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Watch Now: Latest in Lab Automation and the Role of Sensors

Virtual Event

September 24 @ 12:00 PM 1:00 PM


This informative webinar will host several industry leaders to discuss the latest in lab automation solutions for small scale biotech laboratories all the way to commercial manufacturing operations.

In this webinar you will learn about the latest in:

  • Small Scale to Commercial Automation solutions
  • Bioreactor control and information systems
  • Sensor and instrumentation technologies for your lab
  • Automation for autologous cell manufacturing
  • Laboratory software and data solutions

In the US and across the world, the advancements in the biopharmaceutical sector and the growth of cell and gene therapy field has attracted increased investments and driven a focus on the improvement of research, development and manufacturing processes, and clinical trials. 

Automation has become a critical component in today’s laboratories to improve the quality and accuracy of testing and production processes. Automation has also enabled scientists and engineers to leverage the ever-increasing volume of data that they are able to track and collect. 

With automation becoming more widespread, more and more small-scale labs are able to access leading-edge solutions that were once only affordable to late-stage and commercial manufacturing operations. 


Sponsored By

  • Michael Blechman – Lab Owl®
  • John Moore – Scientific Bioprocessing
  • Vic Ronchetti – Lab Owl®
  • Jake Boy – Scientific Bioprocessing
  • Ohad Karnieli – AdvaBio

About Our Panelist Companies

Lab Owl:

Lab Owl™ is a flexible, fully integrated, remote access bioreactor control and information system for cell culture, fermentation, regenerative medicine, cell, and gene therapy applications.

Lab Owl features an easy-to-use interface for bioreactor automation and process control that is highly adaptable and has been leveraged in applications ranging from development labs operating bench-top parallel bioreactors to pilot plants and manufacturing operations.

Scientific Bioprocessing:

SBI develops sensor technologies and instruments that improve experimental reproducibility and facilitate biomanufacturing scale up. 

Cutting-edge optical sensors and desktop production systems provide real-time data on how your cells are doing so that you can identify successful and problematic cultures quickly and make any necessary adjustments earlier in the process. Whether you are developing cell-based therapies, discovering new drugs, or engineering tissues and organs, our optical sensor technologies and suite of products are here to support your work.


The first and only, single-use, cost-efficient, end to end, point of care, CAR T controlled, and automated system. Adva has developed an automated, controlled, and simple to use platform for autologous cell manufacturing called the ADVA X3. 

The automated platform is designed to allow autologous manufacturing of additional types of cells with a change in the disposable chamber allowing efficiency and flexibility with a long pipeline of products. It is initially for immune cell therapies (ICT) such as Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR T), T Cell Receptor (TCR), Natural Killer cells (NK), and T infiltrating Lymphocytes (TIL’s).