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Flow Cytometry: Principles, Methods and Applications

Montgomery College Bioscience Education Center 20200 Observation Drive, Room 151/152, Germantown, MD

This four day program is ideal for those who are looking for an in-depth, hands-on introduction to Flow Cytometry. Team taught by active researchers (50+ yrs of combined FACs experience), [....]


BIOL 039 – Epigenetics


This course will address the basic principles of epigenetics, the role of epigenetic mechanisms in normal development and human disease, and the development of epigenetically-effective drugs. The objective of the [....]

BIOF 093 | Machine Learning with MATLAB


This two-day workshop focuses on data analytics and machine learning techniques in MATLAB® using functionality within Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox™ and Deep Learning Toolbox™. The workshop demonstrates the use [....]

BIOF 098 | Introduction to Statistical Analysis in R


Statistical analyses are regularly required for nearly every quantitative scientific study. Although simple data analysis tools are tenable for small-scale analyses, more rigorous software can enhance analysis replicability, improve data [....]

BIOF 076 | Visualization with R


This course is designed to allow researchers to quickly dive into R and make visualizations for their own work. No previous experience in R is required. AFTER THIS COURSE YOU [....]

BIOF 017 | Introductory R Boot Camp


In this workshop, learners will learn the basics of how to use R to wrangle data, create visualizations, and conduct exploratory analyses. The workshop will use the popular “tidyverse” suite [....]