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BIOL 055 – Genome Editing with CRISPR


This course will provide an overview of the current major genome engineering platforms and cover CRISPR genome editing technology in depth. The first part of the course will focus on the general principles of genome editing technology including design, choice of format, delivery, efficiency, specificity, clonal isolation, genotyping, and validation. The second part of the [....]

BIOF 098 – Introduction to Statistical Analysis in R

online via zoom

Statistical analyses are regularly required for nearly every quantitative scientific study. Although simple data analysis tools are tenable for small-scale analyses, more rigorous software can enhance analysis replicability, improve data management, and facilitate more advanced analysis techniques in addition to scaling up to larger datasets. One such program, R is a free, open-source software that [....]

BIOF 020 | Python for Beginners – Evening Workshop

online via zoom

This evening workshop is being offered on Tuesday, Aug. 17, Thursday, Aug. 19, Tuesday, Aug 24, Thursday, Aug 26, Tuesday Aug 31 and Thursday, Sep 2 from 6:00PM to 8:30PM. Virtual office hours will be held Wednesdays 6-8 PM. Overview: Python is an open-source and increasingly popular tool for scientists. In this introductory workshop for [....]

BIOF 043 – For True BeginRs Hands-on R Training

online via zoom

Created with true beginRs in mind, this training will teach participants the fundamental, transferable skills needed to unleash R’s full potential for producing publication-worthy analyses and visualizations.

BIOF 077 | Molecular Modeling and Molecular Dynamics: Hands-on Training


Background Computational techniques have become essential in guiding and complementing experimental efforts to gain insight into the structure and function of proteins. In particular, molecular modeling and dynamics simulations play key roles in modern studies of molecular recognition, drug design, functional mechanisms, conformational changes, and protein evolution. Therefore, developing fundamental understanding of these techniques will [....]

BIOTrain: Claiming Your Strengths

Claiming Your Strengths starts with the identification of your key strengths- what you love to do, and your weaknesses- what you hate to do. Strategies are then presented by which you can enhance your career by working your strengths to your advantage while minimizing the impact of your weaknesses.

BIOC 035 | Imaging – From IF and FISH to Automated and Confocal Microscopy – September 20 – 24, 2021


This five-day online workshop will utilize a combination of lectures and remote Q&A lab sessions in a “boot camp”-like approach for cell-biologists who seek to learn imaging techniques used extensively in biomedical research. Lecture Topics to Include Introduction to Fluorescence Microscopy Immunofluorescence (with workflows) RNAScope (with workflows) Cell Transfection for Fixed and Live Cell Imaging [....]

BIOTrain: Managing Difficult Conversations

Many conversations have significant outcomes: interviews, reviews, negotiations. Because the stakes are so high, we fear the outcome, tend to put off the conversation and are not adequately prepared for it. This workshop defines methods for turning potentially confrontational events into constructive dialogues that accomplish the business goals.

FAES @ NIH Endocrinology Update Review Course


Online review course for intended both for physicians who are preparing for the Endocrinology subspecialty board examination and for physicians certified in Endocrinology who wish to remain abreast of recent advances in the field activity. This fully online review course will also cover the development of efficient and cost-effective approaches to the clinical, laboratory, and [....]