BIOTrain: Managing Difficult Conversations

Many conversations have significant outcomes: interviews, reviews, negotiations. Because the stakes are so high, we fear the outcome, tend to put off the conversation and are not adequately prepared for it. This workshop defines methods for turning potentially confrontational events into constructive dialogues that accomplish the business goals.

BIOTrain: Overcoming Speaking Anxiety

Speaking anxiety holds many people back from applying for jobs or promotions, speaking up in classes or conferences, sharing expertise in meetings, and much more. Learning how to tame adrenaline will allow you to take full advantage of opportunities to advance your career.

Turbocharge Your Presentation Skills Workshop

online via zoom

Preparing for a conference or seminar? Want to add presentation skills to your scientific education? Join the Association for Women in Science - Greater Baltimore Chapter for "Turbocharge Your Presentation Skills". This workshop will be led by Dr. Donna Vogel, an expert Scientific Career Educator, where she will share practical presentation strategies to help you [....]


BIOTrain: Building Effective Networks

Almost everyone agrees that networking is important, but we often struggle to find the time and energy we need to build our networks. This workshop encourages you to think about networking as a critical part of how we get things done. You'll learn the downsides of having a homogenous network and the most effective ways to invest your time in building a broad, connective, and dynamic strategic network.

NCI Tech Opportunity Webinar: Use of Tempol as an Antiviral Therapeutic Against COVID-19

Attendees will hear from NICHD’s Dr. Tracey Rouault about the potential to formulate the compound, Tempol, into a preventative and oral treatment for COVID-19. The replication of the SARS-CoV-2’s genome is prompted by the presence of RNA-dependent RNA Polymerase (RdRp). A critical component necessary for RdRp’s proper functionality is an iron-sulfur (Fe-S) cluster that becomes [....]


Solving the Unsolvable: Could Quantum and other Non-traditional Computing hold the key to accelerating drug development?


Full-scale quantum computers could have the potential to revolutionize many industries, solving previously computationally impossible problems and uncovering unimaginable new possibilities. So why wouldn’t we apply this tool to try and solve the world's greatest healthcare problems? This promising, new technology could simulate larger, more complex molecules, and could simultaneously review multiple molecules, proteins, and [....]