Webinar: Enzymatic Methyl-seq (EM-seq™): A New Option for 5mC and 5hmC Identification

Please join us for a free webinar series featuring leaders from industry and academia to introduce latest research, technologies, and tools. Speaker: Siva Chavadi, Ph.D., Senior Field Application Scientist, New England Biolabs Dr. Siva Chavadi joined New England Biolabs as a Senior Field Application Scientist focusing on NEBNext products. Prior to NEB, Siva managed multiple [....]


Online Workshop: BIOF 085 | Intro to Data Science with Python

Overview- Scientists generate more data than ever before. It can be daunting to determine how to extract insights from a mountain of data. Data science is a relatively new discipline that combines traditional statistics and analytics with programming to produce novel insights, intelligently automated processes, and data-driven decisions. This hands-on course will cover the basics [....]

Immersive Impact: MAVRIC and Chesapeake DHX Conference 2020

Webinar Maryland

This year, the MAVRIC conference will be coordinated with the Virtual Worlds Forum meetings (XR in the Intelligence Community) and the Chesapeake DHX (Digital Health Exchange) to bring together the major players in Healthcare, Eldercare, Business, Art, Intelligence, Defense, and Government. Speakers and attendees will share and explore the ways in which emerging technologies like [....]

FastForward U Virtual Seminar: Customer Discovery

Student entrepreneurs are invited to FastForward U’s virtual seminar led by Ricky Venters about navigating customer discovery when creating a startup. About Ricky Venters Serving as the Program Manager of FastForward, Ricky oversees the Mentors-in-Residence program and the National Science Foundation I-Corps Program at Johns Hopkins, as well as other education programming and human capital [....]

Online Workshop: BIOF 043 | For True BeginRs – Hands-on R Training

Background: R is a free, cross-platform – Windows, Mac, and Linux – programming language, designed specifically to facilitate data management, analysis, and visualization. Boasting vibrant development and support communities, R has become an indispensable tool for bioinformaticians, statisticians, and data scientists. Created with true beginRs in mind, this training will teach participants the fundamental, transferable [....]

4th International Cancer Conference And Expo

With the enthusiastic support of our Organizing Committee, we invite you to participate in the 4th International Cancer Conference and Expo which is being held as a continuum of our previous successful conference in Baltimore, USA. 4th International Cancer Conference and Expo (iCancer 2020) welcome you as our guest to the city Baltimore, USA. During [....]

A Step Forward: Development of Effective Allogeneic CAR-T Strategies

Webinar Maryland

Can our bodies be trained to destroy cancer cells? CAR-T therapies have undoubtedly garnered significant attention and investment over the past several years even with the risks and development challenges that scientists continue to face. In the BioHealth Capital Region, gene therapy companies are rapidly emerging making the District of Columbia and its’ surrounding area [....]


Free BIOTrain Workshop Series

To request registration materials or additional information, contact BioTrain@MontgomeryCollege.edu. Claiming Your Strengths. This popular workshop starts with the identification of your key strengths- what you love to do and your weaknesses- what you hate to do. Strategies are then presented to enhance your career by working your strengths to advantage while minimizing the impact of [....]