EVerZom raises €1.1M to industrialize its exosome biomanufacturing platform

EVerZom’s ambition is to transform regenerative medicine and the field of biotherapies thanks to these «super» biological nanoparticles, the exosomes.

Paris, November 30, 2020. EVerZom, a biopharmaceutical company specialized in the bioproduction of exosomes, announced today that it has raised €1.1 million in funding from institutional and private investors to develop its exosome bioproduction platform. This funding will speed up the platform development and scale-up, with the objective to allow routine clinical-grade production by 2022. 

Towards the emergence of new therapeutics in regenerative medicine 

Exosomes are biological nanoparticles released by cells as an intercellular communication system to transport biomolecules. They have the ability to deliver therapeutics or regenerate tissue in several pathologies such as osteoarthritis, heart failure, or liver and kidney diseases, representing more than 150 million patients worldwide. Exosomes are now considered as one of the most promising and safest future regenerative therapy solutions. They are also easy to store and have a low immunogenic profile, thus reinforcing their potential. 

More and more academic and industrial players are working on the therapeutic potential of exosomes. The main obstacle to the translation of exosomes into clinical development is their industrial manufacturing while maintaining robust quality and reproducibility.

EVerZom’s proprietary innovation consists of applying turbulence stimulation on cells to trigger massive exosome release. This approach enables the production of 10 times more exosomes 10 times faster than classical methods. The technology is being developed and already implemented in GMP certified systems, simplifying the clinical transfer. This new production method will allow patient access to breakthrough biotherapies at a sustainable cost.  

This technology and the know-how developed around exosomes allows EVerZom to offer a scalable and reproducible exosome production process with robust quality controls. EVerZom’s internal R&D is continuing its work on the link between the qualification of exosomes and their application potential. EVerZom’s ambition is to become the European leader in the bioproduction of exosomes.

“We are delighted with this financing opportunity, which will enable us to industrialize our proprietary technology and meet the growing demand of the exosome market. Our ambition is to foster the emergence of new exosome therapeutic strategies and to make them accessible to the largest possible number of patients as quickly as possible” explains Jeanne Volatron, Co-founder and President of EVerZom. 

EVerZom’s business model is based on high value-added services, as well as the implementation of co-development programs for drug candidates with other pharmaceutical partners and internal proprietary programs. The company is already commercializing these biomanufacturing services to various European biotechs, in particular for the treatment of digestive fistulas by exosomes for patients that suffer from Crohn’s disease or who have undergone bariatric surgery.

Created in September 2019, EVerZom develops an industrial process for exosome bioproduction discovered by its scientific founders from the Matière et Systèmes Complexes Laboratory (MSC) of the University of Paris-CNRS. It has so far benefited from the support of the Paris Biotech Santé incubator, the Wilco healthcare accelerator, the Great Innovation Prize from the City of Paris and has been financially supported as a winner of the i-Lab competition that annually distinguishes the most disruptive French start-ups. 

Contact : nicolas.rousseau@everzom.com

Website : www.everzom.com