The BioBuzz Workforce Foundation was established to help build a more connected biotech workforce in the Maryland region.  We accomplish this mission through our flagship monthly networking events and being a conduit to share workforce development, training and job opportunities with the regional workforce.

We are supported by Annual Sponsorship as well as monthly Event Sponsors who value our mission and are seeking to enhance the regional connectivity of our workforce.

2018 Annual Sponsors

Additional Contributing Sponsors

What are BioBuzz Events?

Since 2010 BioBuzz has been hosting the Maryland Biotech community at monthly networking events and social gatherings.  Each event is sponsored by a local company who shares our mission and is seeking to connect with the community.  What makes these events so unique is the casual, social atmosphere and the diverse group of biotech professionals who attend.  There are no lectures or seminars and there’s no agenda or program; just fun and networking with your peers.

BioBuzz is working to build a stronger community by bringing the biotech workforce out of the labs to culture relationships, instead of cells. By building a stronger social community we will enhance business and job opportunities for everyone in the region.

How do I get regional workforce updates?

Each month BioBuzz sends out two newsletters with a curated list of resources for the workforce.  The first newsletter highlights regional workforce training or workshop opportunities for skills development or enhancement, as well as jobs with companies that are hiring.  The second newsletter features a list or regional events that will help you as a job seeker or career professional to plug into the network and meet others in the region.

The BioBuzz Story

BioBuzz was founded in 2010 as a way to bring the unemployed workforce and potential biotech employers together during the height of the recession.  Seeing the value of such events, Johns Hopkins University, Montgomery County Campus joined in 2011 as a BioBuzz partner and co-host for the Montgomery County, MD events.

Our mission at BioBuzz is to bring our region together by stimulating a more active bioscience workforce and a more dynamic bioscience industry throughout Maryland, DC, Virginia and beyond. BioBuzz is a social community group built for, and by the employees, students and businesses in the Bioscience industry.

BioBuzz events bring professionals together in a casual setting where attendees can network and build relationships, discuss current events, learn about local companies, start new partnerships, and above all have a fun time. offers our members a continuation of our community in an online forum while retaining the casual, informative, and social attributes that our events are known for.

Through BioBuzz we want to highlight the individuals and companies who make up our great community and offer them a platform to be noticed.

Our Team

Executive Director:  Chris Frew

Chief Development Officer & Vice President: Andy Eckert