Fzata Winner of Mid-Atlantic Innovation Celebration, Biotechnology

HALETHORPE, Md., May 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Fzata, Inc., a biotech innovator, is proud to announce that it has been named the winner of the 2022 Mid-Atlantic Innovation Celebration for Biotechnology for its oral Bioengineered Probiotic Yeast Medicines (BioPYM™) platform. The Company is honored to have been selected for this award from among so many highly innovative competitors.

Every year the event, hosted by Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce (NOVA) and BigIdea ConnectPreneur, showcases the region’s greatest and most creative minds at work. Innovators can be almost anything, from cutting-edge products that solve business needs to creative shifts that improve employee morale. 

Fzata is a near-clinical stage platform biopharmaceutical company in the BioHealth Capital Region. Our vision is to reduce health inequities by expanding patient access to therapeutic biologics with patient friendly oral capsules. BioPYM uses genetically modified live yeast as a ‘micro-factory’ to make recombinant biologics in the gut to target disease biomarkers and modulate gut function. A first-in-human clinical study for Clostridioides difficile infection is targeted for 1Q2023. BioPYM advantages include: easy manufacturing, no cold-chain, no infusions or injections and a “bottomless” pipeline for gastro-intestinal diseases and related disorders. Fzata’s innovation is supported by NIH with over $17M in non-dilutive funding. Fzata is now raising $10M to support the inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) BioPYM program through phase 1 clinical trial.

Dr. Zhiyong Yang, President and CEO of Fzata, commented, “Fzata’s vision of expanding patient access to therapeutic biologics is only made possible with our scientific innovations. Innovation under-pins our ground-breaking BioPYM platform and its many competitive advantages. Patient-friendly BioPYM will enable oral alternatives for injectable biologics like Humira® and Remicade®. Innovation has further improved BioPYM so that it can be used to express any biologic therapeutic to treat gastrointestinal disorders like infections, inflammation, cancer, and diabetes as well as gut axis disorders.”

About Fzata
Fzata (www.Fzata.com) is a near-clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, developing oral live biologic-based preventive and therapeutic medicines. The Company owns two proprietary platforms: one to generate fully humanized multi-specific antibodies and a second, BioPYM, for localized delivery of recombinant biologic therapeutics to treat gastrointestinal related diseases.

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Contact: Dr. Elizabeth Smith PhD, Elizabeth_Smith@Fzata.com