Hememics Biotech just raised a $2M seed round with TEDCO’s help

The Gaithersburg company developed a “lab in a hand” device for blood tests and diagnostics.

Words by: Michaela Althouse  / Edited by: Sameer Rao 

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May 30, 2023 3:35pm

Full disclosure: This article mentions an investment by TEDCO, a Technical.ly Ecosystem Builder client. That relationship has no impact on this report.

To help build its “lab in a hand” tech, Gaithersburg, Maryland’s Hememics Biotech just raised a $2 million seed round.

Maryland’s TEDCO led the Seed 2 round, though a company statement said that other existing investors and a strategic investor also took part. Hememics, founded in 2007, developed a handheld, multiplexed sensor platform for simultaneously testing antibodies, antigens and more in a blood test. The nine-person company was founded by CEO John Warden, a fintech and drug development alum, and chief scientific officer David Ho, a blood platelets expert.

Warden said the company’s sensor technology is more sensitive than existing point-of-care tools. The company’s early entry into the market, which it’s returning to, was in veterinarian health for livestock, although it also..

Read the full Technical.ly article.