How BioTrain™ Adds Value (for free) to Internships 

BioTrain™ has been working with Montgomery College to help students and professionals in the biotech field enhance their hard and soft skillsets for the past six years. The partnership between biotech companies, government entities, academia, and nonprofit organizations can also help employers train their interns for free into a workforce that is prepared with technical expertise.

In addition to an upcoming workshop series about career skills, BioTrain is always holding training courses, workshops, and seminars focused on industry-relevant skills. Topics range from Quality (Quality Management Systems) 101 and 102, Operating in a Regulated Environment, Introduction to Drug Development, Navigating a Career in Biopharma, Protein Purification, and Business Communication.

Interested attendees must pre-register for the workshops, but they are offered at no cost to biotech professionals. In addition to on-the-job training, employers can utilize these free workshops to help their interns get up to speed and develop a baseline of knowledge about the biotech industry. These essential training courses prepared and taught by industry experts are designed to advance life science careers.  

BioTrain workshops run one to four days in length, making them a good option for short-term internships. All classes are developed and taught by industry experts.

To pre-register for the workshops, visit the BioTrain website.

Learn more about the workshops:

Quality 101 (ASQ) [BIT066]
Learn the basics from the American Society for Quality. Concepts taught include understanding your customers, developing as a quality leader, continual improvement practices, fact-based decision-making, and how to work with suppliers.

Quality 102 (ASQ) [BIT073]
This four-day workshop goes into more advanced concepts than its predecessor. Learn systematic approaches like process approaches, systems design and analysis, continuous improvement programs, and auditing from both perspectives.

Operating in a Regulated Environment [BIT089]
This workshop will help students understand the role of regulatory agencies in the developmental process. Students will learn how products and services are developed within the guidelines of government agencies and how these agencies affect the manufacturing and distribution of regulated products.

Introduction to Drug Development [BIT058]
This workshop provides instruction on the overall process of drug development and clinical trials. Topics include drug discovery, clinical trials processes, clinical trial designs, trials monitoring, and global and ethical questions in clinical trials.

Biopharma – Navigating A Successful Career [BIT123]
This workshop is perfect for interns because it’s all about advancing in the biotech industry. Topics covered include how markets drive the structure and function of biopharmaceutical companies, how regulatory agencies and the patent office shape companies, and how to plan your career in a fast-paced and constantly changing environment.

Protein Purification Workshop [BIT062]
Students in this workshop will learn about the basics of downstream protein purification, specifically in the method on Bio-Rad NGC instruments. In addition, some knowledge of protein structure and function of purification methods is required.

Business Communication [BIT051]
This workshop will help students learn how to become an effective communicator in a business environment. The course will address communication from both an individual and organizational perspective.