Jim Pannucci, PhD Joins Leidos as VP of New Explorations in Global Health Division

Dr. Pannucci has join Leidos as the Vice President of Explorations in Global Health (ExGLoH), lead an exciting new initiative functions like a startup biotech inside a large corporation. In this role, he will be leading a team that develops peptides that target checkpoint blockade inhibitors and developing partnerships to extend the reach of the technology.

The pileline includes candidates that enable T-cell activity as cancer therpeutics or vaccine adjuvants.  The initial pipeline of peptide checkpoint inhibitors overcome some of the limitations associated with monoclonal antibodies, and current studies are aimed at a proof concept for nucleic acid and oral delivery platofrms, as well as mechanism of action and SAR studies. They are looking at formulations and nucleic acid vectors to enable partnerships with cancer and vaccine technologies.

Prior to this position at Leidos, Dr. Pannucci was the Director of the Partnership Development Office at Frederick National Lab for Cancer Research (Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc).  There he oversaw the strategic and programmatic capability building through partnering with academia, pharma, biotech, and non-profit foundations. 

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