KaloCyte Welcomes Lyophilization Expert to its Baltimore Headquarters

Nivesh Mittal, Ph.D., Product Development Scientist, to propel production of ErythroMer™  

March 24, 2020, Baltimore, Md. – KaloCyte, Inc., a preclinical-stage healthcare biotechnology company developing ErythroMer, a synthetic, bio-inspired red blood cell substitute for use in settings when stored red blood cells are not available, today announced the hiring of Nivesh Mittal, Ph.D., as product development scientist.

“Dr. Mittal will lead the production of ErythroMer to new heights,” said Elaine Haynes, president, and CEO of KaloCyte. “His expertise with lyophilization technologies and nanoparticulate drug delivery systems is a perfect fit for the development of ErythroMer and its readiness for in-human trials within three years.” 

Mittal previously served as a research scientist with the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) where he worked at the prestigious Plough Center – known for its sterile drug delivery solutions. While there, he garnered national recognition as a subject matter expert on lyophilized formulations. In addition, Mittal has extensive experience in development and cGMP manufacturing, as regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, of hard to manufacture sterile drug products such as cytotoxic and labile molecules. 

A graduate of UTHSC, Mittal earned his doctorate degree in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery. He also served as Instructor for UTHSC courses in potency testing of pharmaceuticals by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), Stability Testing, Lyophilization and Quality Control of sterile drug products.

As KaloCyte is expanding, the company is actively recruiting for a Laboratory Manager position. Serious inquiries should apply at KaloCyte’s Career page.

About KaloCyte

KaloCyte, a preclinical-stage healthcare biotechnology company, was founded by a distinguished team of researchers in physiology, bioengineering, and trauma care. The company is poised to deliver ErythroMer, a freeze-dried, bio-inspired synthetic red blood cell, to market, with the expectation of starting human trials in two to three years. ErythroMer is envisioned for use when stored red blood cells are unavailable, undesirable or in short supply. KaloCyte, supported by nearly $6M in federal awards and investor funding, is a University of Maryland BioPark affiliate company located in Baltimore, Maryland. Learn more at www.kalocyte.com.

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Darci Bartlett

KaloCyte, Inc.


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