Longeviti Welcomes Renowned Neurosurgeon, Leading Cerebral Expert, Dr. David Langer as New Chief Medical Officer

BALTIMORE (October 14, 2021) Longeviti Neuro Solutions, developer of the first low-profile intracranial devices that meet the functional and reconstructive needs of brain surgery patients, has hired Dr. David Langer as chief medical officer.  With more than 22 years of experience in highly personalized direct patient care and expertise in medical technology, Dr. Langer will develop and drive the clinical strategy to expand use of Longeviti’s innovative solutions for patients undergoing complex brain surgery. 

“The core of Longeviti’s approach has always been guided by our desire to improve the patient experience,” said Jesse Christopher, CEO and co-founder of Longeviti. “In addition to being an exceptional neurosurgeon, Dr. Langer is committed to innovation and bringing the highest quality technology to the operating room. We are extremely fortunate to be guided by Dr. Langer as we bring our sonolucent products to patients across the country.”  

Currently, Dr. Langer is the chair of neurosurgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City and is one of the few cerebral bypass surgeons in the country. He is also vice president of neurosurgery for Northwell Health’s Western Region and professor of neurosurgery and radiology at the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell. Dr. Langer is internationally recognized as a leading neurosurgeon and expert in cerebral revascularization and cerebral aneurysms.

“Throughout my career, I’ve always been interested in exploring how innovation can bring new opportunities to both physicians and patients, and Longeviti is the intersection of advanced, dynamic technology and the ability to provide a radically new patient experience,” said Dr. Langer. “Patients would have far more insight into their care than ever before, and I’m motivated to help bring this cutting-edge technology to more operating rooms.” 

In addition to leading the company’s provider consultations, Dr. Langer will also ensure that patient care and safety continue to be a consistent company priority and serve as the leading voice for Longeviti’s medical, clinical, and regulatory functions in support of its product lines. 

Dr. Langer’s award-winning work has been featured in numerous peer-reviewed publications and he has spoken nationally and internationally on vascular disorders such as aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations of the brain. Langer has been recognized as a Top Doctor and Best Doctor by numerous publications and has a global reputation in neurosurgical excellence. 

Recently, Dr. Langer starred in the 2020 Netflix docu-series, “Lenox Hill,” which gave commercial audiences an honest and empathetic look into his role as a neurosurgeon in New York City. Langer has also appeared on CNN, FOX, ABC, and CBS as well as the Dr. Oz Show to offer his neurosurgical expertise to the public. 

“Dr. Langer brings an incredible mix of skill and expertise in neurosurgery and vascular disorders of the brain, as well as passion and energy in advancing the treatment of neurological conditions through neurotechnology. We’re inspired by Dr. Langer’s incredible career and excited for the critical role he will play in advancing brain surgery and helping Longeviti bring game-changing, FDA-cleared cranial implants to more patients,” said Christopher. 

The addition of Dr. Langer to the leadership of Longeviti comes after the company announced its FDA clearance of the ClearFit Cover, the first-of-its-kind sonolucent technology used to replace excised cranial bone following a neurosurgical procedure. Applying the ultrasound attenuation and frequency provided in the labeling, surgeons can use ultrasound imaging at the patient’s bedside to view neuroanatomy immediately following surgery. 

About Longeviti

Longeviti is advancing neurosurgery through the development of low-profile intracranial implants that address the functional and reconstructive needs of patients with neurological conditions. Since 2018, the company has brought several FDA-cleared implants to market. Longeviti’s focus is to develop innovative solutions for complex brain surgery that return patients to anatomical normalcy. For more information, visit www.longeviti.com and follow Longeviti on Twitter or LinkedIn.


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