Maryland STEM Entrepreneurs Get a Boost With Tech Company’s Social Impact Funding

Dr. Elizabeth P. Clayborne juggles many roles: emergency room physician, spouse, parent – and most recently, the inventor and founder of NasaClip.

The need for her NasaClip product came directly from Clayborne’s day job where she was struck by the large number of people who came to the ER with nosebleeds. The NasaClip device provides simple and effective nosebleed rescue at home, using hands-free, external nasal compression with intranasal sponges that medicine can be added to that go inside the nose. The product aims to stop nosebleeds within 10 to 20 minutes, eliminating hours-long waits in crowded ERs. Clayborne’s experience working as an ER doctor during the pandemic further illustrated the importance of helping patients solve simple problems at home.

While many of Clayborne’s skills as a physician helped her develop her business – strong communication skills and understanding everyday health problems – she knew her expertise rested with her product, not the business world. That’s where the Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) came in. TEDCO fosters an inclusive entrepreneurial innovation ecosystem by investing in Maryland science and tech companies, and NasaClip proved a good match for TEDCO’s Builder Fund.

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