Microsoft Teams Up With Johns Hopkins on AI Accelerator Program

September 17, 2019

Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures (JHTV) and Microsoft US AI Country Plan recently announced the Microsoft Innovation Acceleration Award.  This new translational support opportunity is an effort to promote entrepreneurship and adoption of leading AI technologies in a responsible and inclusive manner.

Microsoft has expanded on its relationship with the University and has committed valuable resources and funding to help bring exiting new technologies to market in the space of A.I. and machine learning,” shared Mark VanderZyl, Senior Operations Manager, FastForward. “They are also deeply committed to local economic impact and large scale societal benefits from these awards.”

JHU startups, faculty and students are all eligible to apply by October 15th, and they intend to select three awardees for this inaugural program. Winners will be announced on October 31st.

Awardees will receive a substantial accelerator package that includes:

  • Engagement with a Microsoft technical team of cloud solution architects and developers
  • Admission to Microsoft for Startups, an exclusive program which includes:
    • Up to $120,000 in Microsoft Azure Cloud credits for up to 24 months
      Licenses for 25 instances of Microsoft Office365
    • Licenses for up to 10 instances of Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise Edition
    • Technical support
    • Commercialization / business support, Go to Market and co-selling readiness consultation from a Microsoft Partner Development Manager
  • A grant of $25,000 to advance technology or support startups focused on using Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to use modern solutions to address societal problems and create markets.
  • One year of free co-working access space in the FastForward innovation hubs, operated by JHTV.

Johns Hopkins and Microsoft have a long history of collaboration together. In 2015, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine teamed up to improve Project Emerge; a technology that used data from patient monitoring devices to restructure a hospital’s workflow in efforts to eliminate the most common causes of preventable harm and promote better patient outcomes. JHSoM partnered with Microsoft to revamp the prototype as a more advanced, cloud-based system for use in intensive care units.

Microsoft is also a sponsor of FastForward, JHTV’s innovation hub and Johns Hopkins also recently joined Microsoft’s Partner Network, which provides enhanced services to the university.

More details can be found on at JHTV’s website or by contacting Mark VanderZyl.

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