NASDAQ #TradeTalks Interview with Adaptive Phage Therapeutics CEO: Fighting Antibiotic Resistance with Phage Therapy

Nasdaq Trade Talks host Jill Malandrino Interviews Shulman Rogers’ NEXT Client Member Greg Merril, CEO of Adaptive Phage Therapeutics!

Watch the full interview here.

Adaptive Phage Therapeutics, Inc. (APT) is a clinical-stage company founded to provide an effective therapeutic response to the global rise of multi-drug resistant (MDR) pathogenic bacteria. Two key components of APT’s approach are 1) PhageBank™, a large and dynamically growing collection of bacteriophages or “phages” (viruses that attack specific targeted bacteria) and 2) an innovative rapid system for matching phage to patient-specific bacterial infections. In 2016 APT’s approach achieved its first in-human success with the rescue of a critically ill MDR infected patent.

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