New Immune Oncology Symposium To Be Held in Montgomery County

Immune Oncology is a rapidly growing field, with more than 250 CAR-T clinical trials in the pipeline and recent FDA approvals of the first CAR-T Cell Therapies.  Maryland is home to some of the top researchers and innovators in the field, either at the National Cancer Institute, Johns Hopkins Univerisity, the University of Maryland or the dozens of companies developing Immune-Oncology therapies, such as MedImmune, American Gene Technology, Immunomic Therapeutics, WindMIL Therapeutics, Altimmune, Next Cure, Kite Pharma.

To support the cutting edge science taking place, MedImmune, Perkin Elmer, and Bio-Trac have recently announced the first annual Multiplex Immunofluorescence in Immune Oncology Symposium and Workshop (Sept 26-27, 2018) to help meet the demand for the advanced training and latest advancements researchers need to excel in this field.

The event provides multiple ways for researchers in the I-O field to attend, depending on your specific area of interest and budget.  Attendees can choose to attend the Symposium only to network and hear about the latest advancements in the field, or both the symposium and workshop to get the hands-on training as well.

The keynote for this symposium will be Janis Taube, MD., Johns Hopkins Medical Institue, Associate Professor and Director of the Division of Dermatopathology. Dr. Taube will discuss advances in multiplex illumination of the Melanoma and Merkel cell tumor microenvironments.

This two-day program is divided into a lectures series presented by world-class scientists in the field of immuno-oncology, and a hands-on workshop laboratory.  The laboratory section will explore the optimization and troubleshooting of Opal staining, multispectral image acquisition with Polaris™ scanner, and immunophenotyping analysis using InForm and HALO software.

For more information on the symposium please see the flyer below or visit

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