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NextCure is delivering function-based screens that provide one of the most unique understandings of cell surface molecular interactions between immune and diseased cells on the market today. This significant experience and innovation in cancer immunology is called the FIND-IO™ platform; a triumph in the race to develop and advance novel biologics.


The team is focused specifically on patients who do not respond to current therapies despite treatment and patients with cancer types not adequately addressed by available therapies. At NextCure, the work you do every day reaches frontline treatment for someone in need – you are an ally in the individual battles against cancer.


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NextCure is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company committed to discovering and developing novel, first-in-class immunomedicines.

Why you should join the NextCure team.

NextCure is a scientist-led organization. The company was built with a tradition of laboratory excellence at its core. It’s that scientific discipline that elevates a strong culture of mutual respect and personal accountability. This allows passionate scientists to come in, make an impact, and take ownership of their career. 

While the team has a number of expanding employee programs, one of the most exciting is the ‘Leadership Incubator’. Even in the midst of high growth, NextCure understands that the best way to scale is by empowering the people that are already aligned to their mission, helping cancer patients find an effective treatment. This program gives employees the skills they need to take on leadership roles and benefit from the layers of opportunity as the company grows.

Why NextCure is the best place to work.

A company doing things that have never been done

“We're not looking for the typical markers that the big pharmaceutical companies look for - we're looking for novel molecules. The name says it all with 'NextCure'. We're not looking for things that have already been done."
Ron Copeland
Senior Director of Analytical Development & Quality Control

A nimble team where projects can move fast

We have people that approach research in a different way, quickly - that's what makes us unique. Being nimble is a big factor for us. Decisions can be made quickly and we're able to take products from the bench to early phase trials rapidly as a result.”
Stamatia Vafeas
Protein Chemist, Quality Control

A deep-seated culture of trust and accountability

“At NextCure, we have the freedom to explore new avenues, look at problems in different ways, and then come up with effective and meaningful solutions. It's that autonomy that allows us to solve problems at scale as a smaller company."
Zachary Cusumano
VP Research and Project Planning

Disrupting discovery: Returning to human biology. Developing Next-Generation Immunomedicines​.

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NextCure's Beltsville, MD Location

9000 Virginia Manor Rd., Ste. 200, Beltsville, MD 20705

Size: 50 – 100 Employees
Stage: Clinical