Anchor Ventures: Shock Trauma & Emergency Medicine Technology

Trauma, Wound Care, and Emergency Medicine Technology - Impacts in Maryland Dive into Baltimore’s shock trauma and emergency medicine technology ecosystem in a two-part series. Learn about the technologies that are emerging and the challenges of commercializing them, areas of unmet need, and how local institutions are supporting technology development. Welcome and Introduction to Shock [....]

Transforming Pharma Through Digital Health

Anchor Ventures invites you to join us as we discuss digital health’s impact on the partnership between patients and pharma companies. Hear from experts with firsthand experience in pharma at AstraZeneca and Roche/Genentech as they discuss where the field is heading, and its impact upon the practice of medicine. Transformations in digital health are bringing [....]


Cell and Gene Therapy: Transforming Lives and Treatments


Cell and gene therapies (CGT’s) are rapidly transforming medical care and treatments. These processes use modified cells or cellular matter to treat, prevent or cure serious health issues such as cancer, genetic disorders, immunodeficiencies, and rare diseases. The Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund (MSCRF) has invested over $170 million in Maryland to support this industry [....]