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American Gene Technologies says clinical trial shows increases in immunity against HIV

ROCKVILLE, Md. (7News) — There’s more good news in the fight to cure HIV.
American Gene Technologies says its clinical trial has resulted in more patients with substantial increases in virus-specific T-cells with immunity against HIV.
Progress in HIV cure: AGT hopes to have a ‘functionally cured patient by next summer’
“Now the question will be the very final step when we withdraw antiretroviral therapy, will it behave as we expect which is to take over viral suppression and these patients will not need to go back on their antiretroviral therapy again,” said CEO Jeff Galvin.
He says that process would start by the end of March at the earliest and he hopes to find out how successful it is by June.

Re-Powering Your Self Empowerment

Being empowered means knowing what you want, and why you want it. It means taking control and responsibility for your own life and career. It also means standing up to societal norms, going against the status quo, and aligning with your value system.

It’s a word that is used a lot when assessing career satisfaction, especially in the era of the Great Resignation – do you, as an employee, feel empowered in your current workplace? If the answer is “no”, there are a number of ways to help.

5 Questions With Luke Williams, Generalist at American Gene Technologies

Luke lived a rather nomadic lifestyle before coming to AGT. As a military kid, he moved every couple of years, and he kept up that trend even after leaving home. His travels have taken all over the world in search of novel things to pique his curiosity. He firmly believes that chasing his curiosity, no matter where it led him, is what brought him to AGT. He has always been interested in the molecular mechanisms of life, with a particular focus on genetic engineering. In a snapshot, he likes to take creative angles on the design process, and he hopes to apply that approach to engineered algae, energy projects, and hopefully one day genetic medicine.

Seeking Top Biotech Talent? Veterans Have Just What You Need

Every month, thousands of military veterans around the world begin their transition out of the military with anywhere between 2 and 20 years of experience in some of the most fast-paced, operationally focused, and regulated environments imaginable. These transitioning service-members and their families all bring an army of benefits to bear for innovative organizations willing to give them a chance. 

5 Questions with Eric A. Stahlberg, PhD, Director Bioinformatics and Data Science, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research

Dr. Eric Stahlberg is director of Biomedical Informatics and Data Science at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (FNL). Stahlberg has been instrumental in establishing FNL’s high-performance computing initiative and in assembling scientific teams across multiple, complex organizations to advance predictive oncology.