Dry Ice

Dry Ice pellets

Dry Ice pellets from Roberts Oxygen Company are easy to use and reduce the time and effort spent in sizing conventional blocks to fit your needs. No Cutting, scraping, crushing, or breaking is required because Dry Ice pellets, unlike blocks, pellets can be easily scooped and poured in between and around products filling any space or cavity.
We also stock Dry Ice at several of our locations for your pick-up convenience.

Industrial, Medical and Laboratory Applications

  1. Life Sciences
  2. Food Processing and Shipping
  3. Blast Cleaning

Recreational and Residential Applications

  1. Camping, Hunting, Fishing and Boating
  2. Power Failure
  3. Halloween


  1. Shrink-Fitting
  2. Cold Testing

Other Industrial Applications

  1. Cold Grinding
  2. Deflashing
  3. Inerting and Cooling
  4. Construction and Repairs

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