5 Questions with Geeta Peverada, Ph.D., P.M.P., Program Manager, Quality Control at Catalent Pharma Solutions

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Geeta Peverada is a highly motivated, data-driven, and goal-oriented program management professional with over 12 years of experience in cancer research and gene therapy. She is bridging the gap between science and business through her expertise in client management and scientific knowledge. Her analytical, leadership, and management expertise has led to strengthened client partnerships at her current organization, Catalent Pharma Solutions.

5 Questions with Chris Sarlo, Founder and Wealth Consultant at Life Science Wealth

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Chris is a wealth management advisor and the founder of Life Science Wealth in Urbana, Maryland.  He has spent his entire career in financial services, working towards his current focus on providing specialized financial services to life science owners, executives, and professionals.

BioBuzz’s 2021 Top 5 “5 Questions With…”

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In 2020 we introduced the “5 Questions With…” in an effort to spotlight individuals from across the BioHealth Capital Region and beyond. Since then, we have highlighted a plethora of professionals at all levels, from early career to the C-suite, from scientists to business developers to managers and directors, and all facets in between. To celebrate, we’d like to highlight the Top 5 most viewed interviews from 2021.

5 Questions With Luke Williams, Generalist at American Gene Technologies

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Luke lived a rather nomadic lifestyle before coming to AGT. As a military kid, he moved every couple of years, and he kept up that trend even after leaving home. His travels have taken all over the world in search of novel things to pique his curiosity. He firmly believes that chasing his curiosity, no matter where it led him, is what brought him to AGT. He has always been interested in the molecular mechanisms of life, with a particular focus on genetic engineering. In a snapshot, he likes to take creative angles on the design process, and he hopes to apply that approach to engineered algae, energy projects, and hopefully one day genetic medicine.

5 Questions with Erin Vu, Ph.D., Learning & Organizational Development Program Manager at Novavax

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This week we welcome Erin Vu, Ph.D., Learning & Organizational Development Program Manager at Novavax, a biotechnology company that promotes improved health globally through the discovery, development, and commercialization of innovative vaccines to prevent serious infectious diseases. Novavax was recently named the Employer of the Year in the 2021 BioBuzz Awards.

5 Questions With John Wasp, Sustainability Leader at Heffron Company

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Like BioBuzz, I believe that businesses do good when the community does good, and vice versa. This outlook, instilled in me during my high-school years, has served as a guiding principle throughout my entire life. I try to put my best foot forward every day as I strive for excellence in life’s different buckets: business, family, and wellness. My road thus far has had many highs & lows – all part of the journey.

5 Questions With Bryan Deuber, Biotech Business Development Expert and MPH Student at Johns Hopkins

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Since Bryan transitioned from the laboratory to business and corporate development at a global CDMO, he has been interested in improving healthcare for patients in and outside of the clinic by working with internal and external stakeholders involved in the next generation biotherapeutics. Over the years, he has gained insight from various sides of the table through his experience at Johns Hopkins, Morgan Stanley, and, more recently, through the sell-side M&A of Paragon Bioservices to Catalent for $1.2B in May 2019. As director of business development at a stealth biotechnology company, he recently interacted across disciplines, from scientists to CEOs. His experience researching opportunities, gathering intelligence, and organizing teams and data for potential deal execution has allowed him to further develop an extensive network within the BioHealth Capital region to improve healthcare and patient outcomes.

5 Questions With Ryan McDonough

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In his role as Senior Vice President, Philadelphia Project Operations at DPS, Ryan leads the strategic direction and continued growth of the Philadelphia office, with a focus on expanding its client base and driving project operations improvements. He’s responsible for sales and marketing of DPS Philadelphia’s services, including architectural and engineering design, commissioning, qualification, and validation (CQV), and construction management.

5 Questions With Maya Yovcheva, Scientist III at Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Maya Yovcheva is an R&D scientist with more than ten years of experience in cell biology, protein expression, and product development. She has been a product development scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific for six years, developing novel tools and platforms for protein expression and viral vector production. Her work has led to the launch of a new platform for baculovirus-based protein expression in insect cells. Maya holds a bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology and a Master’s degree in Medical Biotechnology.

5 Questions With Sandy Williams, Ph.D., President and Founder of Access Biomedical Solutions

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Sandy is the President and Founder of Access Biomedical Solutions, a consultancy launched in 2015 that is focused on empowering biotech and medtech companies grow and accomplish their goals. She achieves this by combining her technical expertise and marketing skills to quickly identify a company’s current trajectory, what success looks like for them, and what their biggest gaps are.