5 Questions With Luke Williams, Generalist at American Gene Technologies

Headshot of Luke Williams, Generalist at AGT
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Luke lived a rather nomadic lifestyle before coming to AGT. As a military kid, he moved every couple of years, and he kept up that trend even after leaving home. His travels have taken all over the world in search of novel things to pique his curiosity. He firmly believes that chasing his curiosity, no matter where it led him, is what brought him to AGT. He has always been interested in the molecular mechanisms of life, with a particular focus on genetic engineering. In a snapshot, he likes to take creative angles on the design process, and he hopes to apply that approach to engineered algae, energy projects, and hopefully one day genetic medicine.

American Gene Technologies’ HIV Clinical Trial Demonstrates Blood Markers of Efficacy

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American Gene Technologies (AGT), a clinical-stage biotechnology company working to cure HIV, announced that it has reached two important milestones for its HIV cure program. All three patients achieved engraftment of the genetically modified cell product, AGT103-T, and avoided rejection of the infused cells. In addition, patient samples were challenged to determine if their HIV-specific response remained active. All three products demonstrated an active response. These two studies confirm that the patients retained an appropriate concentration of the product and indicate AGT103-T should be able to create an effective immune response against HIV in the absence of antiretroviral treatment (ART).

“There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills!” – VC Funding Floods BioHealth Capital Region in 2021

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In the third quarter of 2021 alone, more than $400 million of private capital was invested in Maryland businesses. The money went to more than 34 different companies, according to data compiled by PitchBook. The deals brought the state to about $1.6 billion in funding for the first three-fourths of the year and placed Maryland on track to bring in about $2 billion worth of VC funding for the year. That was a significant jump over 2020, when Maryland saw about $1.26 billion in VC funding. For the industry at large in 2020, VC activity in biotechs grew by 45% to $36.6 billion.

Mission, Purpose, and Reducing Human Suffering Propel American Gene Technologies Forward

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Rockville, Maryland’s American Gene Technologies (AGT) is on a mission to cure HIV. And they just achieved another important milestone in that potentially groundbreaking journey.

In early November 2021, the company announced that the third patient in its first-in-human study for AGT103-T, a cell therapy for HIV, had been dosed with no serious adverse events. This latest milestone achievement moves the company and its team another step closer to curing HIV and making history.

With a Chance to Cure HIV, American Gene Technologies Offers Employees a Front Seat to History

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There is a growing movement of professionals seeking jobs with a purpose. The mission-driven culture of a company is a powerful attraction for those value-driven prospective applicants. Curing HIV is one of the bolder missions to be found in the I-270 technology corridor. With its bold mission to develop a cure for HIV, American Gene Technologies Business Development head Norman Rogers said that it’s an “attractive position for people who want a front seat to history.”