Akan Biosciences, Intelligent Fusion Technology, and Seraxis Graduate from Montgomery County’s Business Incubator Program in Germantown

Germantown Innovation Center at PIC MC
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Three portfolio companies have graduated from the Germantown Innovation Center (GIC), Montgomery County’s business incubator program. The County’s incubator program started in 1999 to foster the growth and development of young technology companies. Akan Biosciences, Intelligent Fusion Technology and Seraxis are the three County-based companies graduating from the program this spring.

GIC Incubates Rising Stars in Maryland’s Life Sciences Ecosystem

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The Germantown Innovation Center is home to some of Maryland’s fastest-rising stars in the life sciences ecosystem. Multiple startups found a home in the Montgomery County incubator and benefit from the lab space and the strategic access to federal agencies, nearby thought leadership, and on-campus workforce access.

Akan Biosciences Announces FDA Acceptance of IND Application for StroMel™; in Osteoarthritis of Knee

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StroMel™ is a proprietary adipose-derived Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) product. StroMel™ will be frozen and stored allowing multiple administrations with each lot. Although the current IND is for autologous administration, Akan is planning to explore allogeneic applications as well.