How Do We Actually Meet the Needs of the Evolving Life Science Workforce?

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A recent panel discussion at Bisnow’s May Mid-Atlantic Life Sciences & Biotech event further emphasized the point that we’ve been hearing time and time again – we need to do more to support and adequately prepare the workforce to fill not only the current life science positions but future needs as well.

Nurturing the Growing BioHealth Capital Region Ecosystem – Reflections from the Mid-Atlantic Life Science and Biotech Summit

Collage including Bisnow event information, a photo of panelists, and networkers
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It’s no secret that the BioHealth Capital Region has blossomed into a competitive and notable life science ecosystem in recent years, with capital continuing to flow into the sector. We have much to celebrate in how far we’ve come, but we must also realize that the work is far from over. Now that our roots have been firmly established, we need to think on how we can continue to support our ecosystem so that it can flourish.