Why I Took a New Job Because of A Great Candidate Experience

Positive Candidate Experience
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‘Candidate experience’ is a phrase that is frequently tossed around by talent acquisition leaders seeking to improve their recruiting and hiring practices. This makes sense, as the current job market is competitive, and wholly candidate driven: most desirable candidates are currently employed, often evaluating several job options in addition to ‘yours’. With that being said, the experience that you provide your candidates can be the difference between winning a new employee, or losing great talent to a competitor.

Instead of Finding a New Job, Here’s How to Get Your Skills Used and Ideas Heard

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When your skills aren’t being utilized, your interests have changed, or even your lifestyle has different demands, it can be easy to start scrolling LinkedIn or Indeed. Before jumping ship and changing jobs, I suggest having a conversation with your manager. In fact, I encourage my clients to talk to their managers as their skills, interests, and lifestyle is changing rather than wait until it already has.

Take Control of Your Life Sciences Career: Get Skilled-up for the Biopharma Jobs of the Future Now

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The life sciences industry is evolving rapidly into a world where lab experimentation will meet artificial intelligence, automation will merge with human ingenuity and hard-won wisdom, and the power of viral vectors, stem cells, nanotechnology, and gene editing tools will revolutionize health care as we know it.

The Universities at Shady Grove Provides Career Pathways to Maryland’s Life Sciences Ecosystem

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Montgomery County and the region’s booming life sciences ecosystem is reaping the benefits of a talent pipeline being developed by the Universities at Shady Grove, a unique higher education campus in Rockville that brings together approximately 80 undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs from nine different institutions within the University System of Maryland.

Montgomery College’s BioTrain Offers Engaging and Valuable Professional Development Programming for Life Science Professionals

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BioTrain is a sector partnership of biotechnology companies, government entities, and nonprofit organizations led by Montgomery College that collaborates to shape a technical workforce that is ready for today and tomorrow. The program is located at Montgomery College’s Bioscience Education Center (BEC) and is a critical element to the BioHealth Capital Region’s (BHCR) workforce development ecosystem.

Fifty Years: The Journey from PhD to VC

BioTech Venture Capital
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With the availability of academic positions on the decline, and a boom in startups resulting from disruptive technologies, some PhDs are looking to utilize their unique set of skills in a slightly nontraditional way – venture capitalism (VC). One VC firm, called Fifty Years, has recently concluded its inaugural program (PhD to VC), which aimed at preparing young scientists with the skills needed to jumpstart their VC careers.

Changing Careers – Leaving The Medical Device Field To Work In A Biotech Startup

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Why would any sane person leave the bleeding-edge medical device space after 25 years for a biotech startup? The medical device world allows you to represent products where you see the benefits to patients immediately. We had the privilege of wearing scrubs and offering our expertise in the procedure room. I was fortunate to work with some of the greatest cardiovascular minds in the world. Having built that trust and credibility is something I’ll never forget. So why move along?

VaLogic and FCC Strengthen Partnership with Apprenticeship Program

Frederick Community College Biotechnology Program
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For three years VaLogic LLC and the Frederick Community College Biotechnology Program have worked hand-in-hand to build a partnership, including a new biotech apprenticeship program, that provides a pathway for students to gain employment in the fast-growing life sciences ecosystem in Maryland.