NCI Tech Opportunities Webinar: New HIV Vaccine to Treat and Prevent HIV

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TTC is planning a technology opportunities webinar on July 13, 2021 from 11:00 am – noon, EST. Attendees will hear from the NCI’s Dr. Genoveffa Franchini about a new HIV [….]

NCI Technology Opportunities Webinar: “Complete Tumor Regression Seen in Colon Cancer and Leukemia Animal Models with a Novel High Efficacy Fluorinated Cytidine Therapeutic Compound”

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The National Cancer Institute (NCI), Technology Transfer Center (TTC) will host a webinar to highlight a cancer therapeutic technology for collaborative development and/or licensing. The webinar presented by the technology inventor, Dr. Joel Morris, will highlight NCI’s novel, therapeutic fluorinated cytidine compound that shows high efficacy against colon cancer and leukemia. Studies indicated that the therapeutic compound can produce complete regression in xenograph mouse models with minimal effects on body weight. Registration is free.

Bethesda’s Gain Therapeutics Presents New GBA1 Parkinson’s Disease Program Pre-clinical Data

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Compounds reverse the neurodegenerative process observed in a Parkinson’s disease in vivo model

Compounds are novel allosteric regulators that bind, stabilize and restore activity of mutated GCase

Compounds decrease both phosphorylated and aggregated α-synuclein levels in vitro and in vivo