TEDCO’s Resources Helped This Woman-led Tech Startup in Maryland Thrive

CarrTech expects syringe needle technology to come to market later this year

A clinical pharmacist by trade, Sue Carr founded CarrTech to help health care professionals and patients with a safer, more cost-effective way to administer medication. Her new single-step filter needle system addresses a common problem that arises when giving injections to patients: Opening the sealed glass ampoule that holds liquid medications can result in glass shards mixing with the medication, jeopardizing patient safety. Currently a multi-step, complicated process is required to remove the shards and safely offer the injection. CarrTech’s patented FROG solution, which stands for Filter Removal of Glass, combines the two steps into one, potentially saving time, money and lives with its safe, streamlined process.

The Frederick, Maryland-based company has an ambitious goal to penetrate and disrupt the filter needle industry with its unique product. Carr said she understood the potential of FROG and quickly acquired multiple patents. Her challenge came with identifying funding and honing her product pitch. That’s where the Maryland Technology Development Corp. (TEDCO) came in. TEDCO fosters an inclusive entrepreneurial innovation ecosystem by investing in Maryland science and tech companies, and CarrTech proved a good match for TEDCO’s Builder Fund.

“I was so excited to access TEDCO’s Builder Fund, and that was just the start; I also received funding from TEDCO’s RUBRIC program and seed funding,” Carr said. “But it wasn’t just the money. Experienced advisors gave me excellent advice on how to negotiate strategic contracts. TEDCO showed me how to apply for Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants and helped me build my leadership skills. They lifted me up; I wouldn’t be here today without the help of TEDCO.”


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