Thermo Fisher Scientific Opens Showcase Lab in Baltimore

By Alex Keown
June 16, 2023

A new service in Baltimore will shape the future of laboratory design. The newly-established Showcase Lab highlights how Thermo Fisher Scientific will streamline and personalize lab design and installation for startups and established companies.

The site, located at 3700 Commerce Drive in Halethorpe, Maryland, includes cutting-edge innovations that offer those designing and implementing new lab spaces greater flexibility and assurance so their teams can rapidly respond to new scientific challenges. In particular, the Showcase Lab is well-positioned as an asset for biotechnology organizations across the Baltimore area, including well-established innovation hubs such as those in City Garage Science and Technology Center and Johns Hopkins FastForward.

Additionally, the Thermo Fisher Scientific site will also be able to support other startup and early-stage organizations in surrounding states, including Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a leading, global provider of medical equipment, analytical instruments, reagents and consumables, software and services. The company’s services enable its clients/partners to tackle complex analytical challenges in research, diagnostics and clinical laboratories. Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Showcase Labs in Baltimore is the company’s second such facility in the United States.

Those interested in Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Showcase Lab can get a taste of its capabilities through real time demonstrations that include the design of casework and shelving necessary for modern labs. Those casework designs can quickly be tailored for customers. Thermo Fisher Scientific’s showcase lab casework at the demo lab is available on-site within 10 business days once the drawings are completed. That means the end user can have a new lab within three weeks. Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Laboratory Builders has more than $10 million worth of inventory, including casework, tables, fume hoods, shelving and more. These are ready for delivery and installation.

The Showcase Labs is also available for training visits and meetings. This could be important for those smaller start-up companies that may not have ample space to host their own meetings. Customer visits also provide access to witness the design of casework and shelving needs for their own labs.

All the equipment in the Showcase Lab is top of the line in order to meet the needs of companies and organizations on the cutting edge. Thermo Fisher Scientific’s lab includes an onsite 14,000 square foot service depot. White glove maintenance service is also expected to soon be available.

Thermo Fisher Scientific also announced its Jump Start New Lab program, which is designed to help clients get their own labs up and running. Thermo Fisher Scientific’s program provides its clients with discounts, promotional items and necessary educational resources, including webinars and other learning options. According to its website, the Jump Start program is free for those opening a new lab or moving an existing lab into a new space. The program is also available for those starting a new company. Those interested in learning more can reach Thermo Fisher Scientific at [email protected].