Partner Spotlight: May 2018

Chris Frew, CEO of BioBuzz Media and WGx

“WWFH serves an important role in helping to promote and protect the BioPharma companies and their employees who are so vital to what makes Maryland great.”


This month, we are proud to highlight BioBuzz Media and Principle of Workforce Genetics (WGx). Both companies are committed to building a more connected and informed biotech workforce across the BioHealth Capital Region,
led by CEO Chris Frew.


WGx is a Biotech recruiting and marketing services firm that identifies and executes strategies to attract and recruit top employees and executives for their clients. WGx hosts monthly networking events, publishes the latest in news and articles, and provides an interactive industry map for users to explore the more than 700 companies in Maryland.

BioBuzz has a digital audience of more than 6,000 email subscribers, combined with over 2,000 unique site visitors each month. This audience of 24,000+ biopharmaceutical employees provides Maryland with the network it needs to continue being a world leader in the biotech industry, an industry that requires an unparalleled and “demanding investment into research in order to advance innovation”.

Since 2010, Chris Frew has served as the CEO of BioBuzz Media, working with companies throughout Maryland to help share their news, tell their stories, and expand their reach by networking events. For the past six years, BioBuzz has been a vital and active partner of We Work For Health, and Frew currently serves as one of Maryland’s co-chairs.

This shared commitment to the biotech industry between WWFH and BioBuzz creates an influential partnership that can better serve Maryland in the long-term. Through the combined efforts of BioBuzz and WWFH initiatives, there is an opportunity to engage and educate Maryland on the positive impact the biotech industry provides, not only in pharmaceuticals, but also in continued economic and social growth.

We Work For Health is a critical component to sustaining the BioPharmaceutical industry in Maryland.  For more on their organization and the economic and social impact that the BioPharma industry has in Maryland visit their website.


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