With Millions Raised Since Founding, Sisu Global Health Seeks to Grow Reach

The six-figure amount that Sisu Global Health raised over the past year or two reflects what the medical device startup’s leader described as its plans to increase its international reach while maintaining Baltimore ties.

According to a Wednesday filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Remington-based company logged about $951,000 — just under $1 million — since April 2021. CEO Carolyn Yarina declined Technicial.ly‘s request to confirm the full amount of money raised in the past year, but said that it was around that amount.

Regardless of the full sum, which is just part of the $4.3 million Yarina said the company has raised since its 2014 founding, the money has enabled Sisu Global Health’s ongoing work in support of urgent medical needs throughout the world.

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