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BioBuzz’s mission is simple: to be more connected. Our regionally-focused storytelling, programs, events and experiences create, connect and amplify impact across the life science workforce in growing biohubs.

We make it easy to make impact. For 14 years we’ve been laser focused on building a robust platform that is as unique to BioBuzz as the technologies of the companies that we work with. So what are you waiting for?! Work with us!

A Partnership as Unique as Your Mission

Traditional Media Kits are outdated. The Queen Bee for BioBuzz is, and will always be, the data-driven, highly customizable programs, events, experiences and content we produce through long-term partnerships.  

To be clear… we’re not interested in a transaction. If that’s all you’re looking for, we kindly suggest that you look elsewhere. BioBuzz’s isn’t a portfolio, it’s a carefully curated platform built strategically with community and collaboration at its heart. It’s the connectivity between our products, services and community that are invaluable to our partners and its our tireless dedication to pursuing and perfecting them that makes BioBuzz so different (and invaluable).

Our loyal and highly engaged community includes: 

Undergraduate students, workforce training program attendees and emerging life science professionals alike buzz about BioBuzz.

BioBuzz offers endless opportunities to get in front of and engage with our loyal following of life science professionals in nearly every stage of their career growth and trajectory.

From PhD students and postdoctoral fellows to seasoned life science entrepreneurs, BioBuzz is a robust resource for early, high growth stage startups.

BioBuzz keeps your business and your team buzzing with opportunities to stay relevant and visible between and alongside your big milestones.

BioBuzz is the secret sauce to life science ecosystems. We connect the dots in the regional ecosystems that we serve. If you’re looking to reach decision makers, grow your thought leadership, and be part of the conversation, you’ve come to the right hive.

No matter your goal, BioBuzz can accomplish it across our robust multi-channel platform. We create experiences, share knowledge and build connections across programs, events, experiences, digital, social and more!

Our Secret Sauce

Wholly customize your level of impact via one of our partnership levels. 

Hub Partners

Go “all in” with BioBuzz. Become synonymous with the BioBuzz name in your regional ecosystem of choice.

As a Hub Partner, benefit from:

Industry Partners

Corporate Partners

BioBuzz is a powerful partner for industry companies in all stages of growth. Our innovative and industry-specific solutions can help you recruit talent, enhance and amplify your brand, collaborate and innovate, and build endless opportunities for your employees to connect and engage. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Industry Partners can benefit from:

BioBuzz works with vendors, service providers, consultants AND MORE to provide ongoing exposure and impact to both regional and national Corporate Partners large and small. Make impact in one of the fastest growing industries in the nation and be part of the BioBuzz hive.

Corporate Partners can benefit from:

Ecosystem Builders

BioBuzz works with a diverse array of economic development organizations, academic institutions, workforce development programs and community partners to get in front of and resonate with our loyal following of life science innovators, executives and industry professionals.

Economic Development

In the markets that we serve, BioBuzz helps to attract and retain more companies as we build a stronger community and amplify the narrative about why your state/city/county is the place where life science companies can thrive. 

Academia + Workforce

Colleges, universities and workforce training programs of all sizes use BioBuzz to amplify their message and keep their programs top of mind. 

Community Partners

Community and people are at the heart of everything we do. We value organizations who feel the same and work with organizations and non-profits to amplify their message, build their reach and share their impact. 

A La Carte

Can’t commit to a multi-year or annual agreement?! We’d still love to work with you! Rome wasn’t built in a day and we’re in it for the long haul… together. Get in touch and let’s start building your strategy one deliverable at a time. 

We believe in giving back and paying it forward. Working with BioBuzz provides us the opportunity to do that in a field we’re both extremely passionate about: the life sciences.
This was really impressive, well organized and structured. I would not change anything other than the request for other divisions that are hiring to hold these events.

Case Study

Recruitment Marketing
Success Story

Attract Talent

Learn how a Fortune 200 commercial cell therapy company leveraged recruitment marketing to tell its employer brand story, stand out from the competition, and fuel a successful hiring push. 

Case Study

Virtual Recruiting Event

Find Hiring Success

Talent Acquisition leaders need a more effective solution to meet a variety of unique hiring challenges.

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