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Demand for specialized talent is growing within the life sciences and yet the traditional hiring methods and existing infrastructure remain costly, slow, and inefficient.

BioBuzz is building a better experience for employers AND talent. Our team and our technology work in unison to deliver our proprietary talent logistics approach via the BioBuzz platform. Just as Amazon can deliver highly specialized products to your door overnight, BioBuzz can deliver highly specialized life science talent, no matter the specific needs nor requirements.

And not just for full-time employees, for part-time contractors, consultants, and fractional leadership too.

Save time. Save money. Innovate faster.

Hire the right candidates in less time and for a fraction of the cost.

My experience with Chris and Cat could not have been more positive. The BioBuzz Talent Lab was very user-friendly. Chris and Cat were very responsive and the process was incredibly smooth. Within just a couple weeks of engaging with BioBuzz I was starting a role with one of their clients. Their dedication to our region's life sciences industry is evident in the strong relationships they have built with both company and employee clients. I would highly recommend them and the Talent Lab to anyone interested in new opportunities.

Denny S.

Strategic Advisor + Consultant

In my role as an HR leader I've needed to recruit some really hard to fill positions and I've always reached out to BioBuzz because I get such great, qualified candidates. They really know the market, the area, and what each individual employer needs.

Karen H.

Fractional HR

It's easy to feel overwhelmed and lost in the cloud of many available headhunting websites, often clicking and never hearing back. Not only does the Talent Lab specialize in life science positions, but its approach is more specific and personal. From the perspective of those looking for work, filling out the value proposition and target projects puts you in front of the right employers looking for your experience, skill set, and most importantly, work that you would enjoy. The Talent Lab realizes that matchmaking is a two way street, even, or especially in the workplace.

Sami K.

Biotech and AI Consultant

My AI/ML diagnostic company had an urgent need to put together a team to stand up a clinical trial proposal to the FDA. I needed an experienced data scientist and a regulatory consultant to help drive the project to a ready state. Chris and the BioBuzz team had qualified candidates in front of me in a matter of days. I brought on the two consultants I needed and have been extremely satisfied with their performance, efficiency, and cost.  I will use the  very effective BioBuzz service again to “rent” the talent I need when I need it.

Alain C.

Startup Founder

Lean running companies cannot afford the expense to find optimal expertise or take the risk of hiring the wrong talent which can create a "Valley of Death" for young companies when they need assistance the most.

John T.

Fractional CEO

Your problems solved

Life science companies need a robust scientific and technical team behind them. Tap into BioBuzz’s network of life science talent that’s ready to work. Acess the experts and talent you need, when you need them.

Access industry experts with experience in biologics, CRISPR, gene therapies, DNA sequencing, and so much more. Our community of vetted and validated biotech professionals can you with any project, no matter the requirement.

Access life science talent with MedTech experience on demand. Find experts who specialize in a specific therapeutic area or device class and get your product to approval faster.

From clinical and regulatory affairs to writing protocols, and analytical troubleshooting to IRB submissions, BioBuzz’s pharma talent can help no matter the size, scope, and requirements of your project.

Access an expansive network of subject matter experts in the life sciences while simultaneously connecting your students to opportunities to work within industry, however part-time.

Access vetted and validated life science talent for your medical office, hospital, or healthcare insitutions. Leverage expertise to drive innovation, develop new therapies, and/or improve patient outcomes.

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