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BioBuzz Annual Awards & Celebration

SINCE 2020

About This Toolkit

BioBuzz’s Annual Awards celebrate the people, programs, and organizations who go above and beyond to support the success of our communities, the industry, and the patients that ultimately benefit. 
We’ve prepared this toolkit to help you build awareness about your recognition as a finalist while making it easy for you [and your stakeholders, employees, and community] to share the news to encourage your biggest advocates to VOTE and help make you a winner. 


Easy Ways to Share

There are a multitude of easy ways to share the news about your recognize as a finalist! One of the easiest ways is to repost our posts. BioBuzz will be posting DAILY about our Awards, highlighting our finalists, their stories and their impact to create unmatched buzz for you. We encourage you to do the same. 

Here’s how/where we might be able to help. 

  • Photos & Videos

    So. Many. Photos.

Identify the image or video, you’d like to post. You can choose images from our 2022 Gallery [via SmugMug], our 2022 Celebration Video, or the graphics created for you in Canva. 

  • Graphics

    Hello Canva!

While we welcome you to create and select your own for some (or all) we’ve also tried to make it easy on your team by providing some options. 

Feel free to customize the following Canva graphic files as you see fit; simply select “File” -> “Copy” the design and it’s yours to tweak! Please know that our team will also continue to build options for and link below. 

2023 Annual Awards Squares

It’s Official – I/We’re Finalists BHCR 

It’s Official – I/We’re Finalists Philly 

  • BioBuzz Articles

    Features & More

With the benefit of a media arm, we are thrilled to buzz about you continuously over the next few months. SHARE to your heart’s content. As we publish the articles, they’ll link here! 


To Our Sponsors

A HUGE thank you to our sponsors who make our Annual Awards Celebrations possible. Their support helps us create an exceptional event that has the life sciences communities buzzing with excitement. Please contact our Head of Marketing, Cat Thoreson, via email cat[@], with questions or if you’re interested in sponsoring. 


Community Partners

We’re excited to support these life sciences-focused nonprofit organizations to better amplify their mission, goals, and needs within our 2023 Annual Awards. 

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Get In Touch

Your support as an Awards Sponsor will help us create an exceptional event that will have the life sciences communities in the BioHealth Capital Region, Greater Philadelphia and beyond buzzing with excitement. Please complete the form below to learn more about opportunities in 2024 and how you can make an impact.