IMMU 004 | Cellular Immunology


OVERVIEW Immunology uncover the study of the immune system, it’s biological meaning and the close relationship with other organ systems. The goal of this course is to get closer to the fundamental pillars of Immunology. In particular, we are going to understand the cellular and molecular partners participating in the orchestration of an immune response. [....]

Apply for FastForward U’s Ignite Fund


The Ignite Fund offers Hopkins student entrepreneurs access to funding throughout the academic year. The fund’s purpose is to support discrete tasks that will help move a venture forward. In focusing funding this way, we hope to provide student ventures access to capital at key moments. Award Criteria: Applications must identify a single discrete task [....]

BIOF 090 | MATLAB Fundamentals


MATLAB is a high-level language that enables you to quickly perform computation and visualization through easy-to-use programming constructs. This three-day course provides a comprehensive introduction to the MATLAB® technical computing environment. No prior programming experience or knowledge of MATLAB is assumed. Themes of data analysis, visualization, modeling, and programming are explored throughout the course

Building a Mentally Strong Organization

Mental resiliency is critical for employees and workforces to thrive, but it’s often overlooked. Learn how you can support mental well-being on March 2, 2021, at our Building a Mentally Strong Organization Masterclass. Join Scott Shute (LinkedIn); Jeremy Hunter (Drucker School of Management, Executive Mind Leadership Institute) and our global well-being leader, Deb Smolensky, for a deep dive into key [....]

Climate Change Innovation with Dr. Daniel Kammen


What does a more climate-responsible future look like? What will our regional contributions be? Join Claire Broido Johnson, managing director of the University System of Maryland Momentum Fund, for a conversation with Daniel Kammen, MA, PhD, a leading renewable energy expert, professor of energy, government advisor, and startup founder. Hear about what we need to [....]

BIOF 051 | Big Data Analysis Made Easy


Big data has been transformative in fields ranging from cancer biology to epidemiology, and is becoming increasingly universal. Topics covered will include deep learning, self-supervised learning, and transfer learning. This workshop will consist of interactive sessions on Zoom and independent study sessions during which the participants will complete tutorials and assignments. The workshop will conclude [....]

Generating The Neural Lineage From iPSCs

Montgomery College Bioscience Education Center 20200 Observation Drive, Room 151/152, Germantown

This three-day live remote programlive remote program is ideal for researchers interested in developing neural lineages from iPSCs. Team taught by active researchers from Johns Hopkins, the NIH, the FDA, and Thermo Fisher Scientific, participants will have the opportunity to gain a solid foundation in iPSC methods with emphasis on deriving iPSC and differentiating to [....]


Workforce Ascension Enhancement (WAE) Series by MIC x Mind Over Machines

Welcome to your new workforce! Register to be a part of this dynamic series where you be a part of a community of other businesses all beginning this journey into people-first automation. At the end of this course, you will understand the thinking behind WAE and how to prepare for this exciting world of Industry [....]