5 Major Issues Affecting Manufacturing in 2022

Guest Author: Chris Monchinski, VP of Manufacturing Intelligence at Automated Control Concepts (ACC)

At ACC we deal with manufacturing companies from many different industries. We have run into some of the same issues affecting our customers, no matter the industry, time and time again. We have compiled our list of the #top5 issues affecting manufacturing this year.

1. Labor Shortage – With boomers retiring, millennials approaching middle age and a small Gen Z, employers can’t count on a flood of new workers to fill empty jobs. The Congressional Budget Office forecasted that the US labor force would grow by a mere 0.2% a year from 2024 to 2031. ACC can help automate your process so you can increase your production output without increasing the size of your workforce. 

2. Supply Chain Instability – The economic turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed vulnerabilities in the supply chain leading to doubts about globalization. This has shown manufacturing just how easily the supply chain heavily dependent on international sources can be disrupted. Many manufacturing companies are re-shoring.  ACC can help ensure these new manufacturing facilities leverage information, automation and robust, reliable system infrastructure.  

3. Smart Factory Initiatives – The importance of smart factories is undeniable, operating more efficiently will keep your facility a step ahead of your competition. ACC works with manufacturing companies across many industries to assess gaps in data and functional solutions, and develop a value-based approach to implementing a manufacturing intelligence solution. 

4. Cybersecurity – Most US manufacturers report cybersecurity incidents in the past 12 months. ACC’s IT4OT Team can help ensure that critical infrastructure, both within the facility as well as via cloud-based storage and remote system access, is designed to keep your facility safe from these threats. 

5. Sustainability – Managing operations in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner is becoming imperative to business growth. As the cost of energy and materials rises, regulations tighten and consumers gravitate towards sustainable brands and businesses, many companies are already developing business practices that are more sustainable. ACC will evaluate your current facilities, find areas where your process can become more sustainable, and implement solutions to help you stay ahead of the curve. 

ACC’s three teams (Automation & Controls, Manufacturing Intelligence, and IT4OT) work together to support US manufacturing companies as they meet these challenges head-on.  Please visit www.automated-control.com and contact us to learn more.    

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