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The mission at American Gene Technologies is to leverage the power of gene and cell therapy to reduce human suffering or early death from serious human diseases



Rockville, Maryland


1 to 50 Employees


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Why AGT?

When you are looking for a company that’s taking on an important mission at scale, it’s hard to think of one more impactful than American Gene Technologies (AGT). That’s because AGT is leveraging the power of gene and cell therapy to reduce human suffering and extend quality of life for individuals with serious diseases. AGT is developing and commercializing genetic medicines targeting major diseases, including HIV/AIDS, Phenylketonuria (PKU) and Hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer, or HCC). The company’s drug candidates have achieved initial proof of concept in preclinical studies and have potential to deliver cost-effective therapies that are better targeted and more potent with fewer side effects. While AGT’s gene therapies will treat symptomatic diseases, the medicines are intended to provide durable cures that extend the length and improve the quality of patients’ lives.


But it’s not just what the people at AGT are solving, it’s how they’re doing it. The AGT team is creating solutions for patients across a spectrum of infectious diseases, cancers, and autosomal disorders in collaboration with leading medical researchers from around the globe. AGT partners with pharmaceutical and biotech firms on indication and platform-specific opportunities to enhance their proprietary platform to expedite drug development.


AGT is in the process of finding people who are passionate about this mission and who remain focused on the goal throughout the drug development journey. These characteristics are critical to success and minimize delays in getting effective therapies to patients. Think about becoming part of a team that works to positively change lives and end suffering from human diseases.

“It’s a hopeful environment nurtured by the promise of cutting-edge science that can enable a sincere mission to end some of the worst public health threats of this century. That is the heart of AGT. I hope people who seek to work with AGT are creative, innovative, unafraid, and bold enough to cure people by the millions.”
Norman Seth Rogers
Head of Business Development

"As soon as I interviewed with the team here, I knew that the profit over mission perception didn’t apply to AGT. I immediately had the sense that for AGT, the science, curing disease, and ending suffering mattered more than money. It’s a place where a clear sense of purpose and mission fuels the work I do every day."
Nidal Muvarak
Principal Scientist

We always say, ‘when you hire the best you hire from all around the world.’ We’re in Rockville, Maryland, and close to Washington DC with its international community; we’re also in an area with a high concentration of PhDs. Though these scientists are from different backgrounds, everyone is united in the mission and passion to find the next great thing to update the human body.”
Luke Williams
Sales & Marketing Lead

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What AGT Does

American Gene Technologies™ utilizes lentivirus vector technology for genetic therapy of diseases due to mutation, infection or malignancy. Our robust programs features strong collaboration with academic scientists and a commitment to clinical product development.  

They seek individuals who have a desire to participate in the rapidly growing areas of solving human diseases through genetic therapy, and who want to propel American Gene Technologies to the forefront of this field.