BioBuzz Hosts First Networking Event of 2022 at BaneBio in Frederick

Last fall the BioBuzz community gathered together for an outdoor networking event at Brookville Beer Farm – the first BioBuzz networking event held in nearly two years thanks to COVID-19. As the weather warmed and more could get vaccinated, we thought we could start getting back into the swing of things with regular in-person events again. Then Omicron laid down the hammer.

With COVID a little more at bay, we finally felt the time was right to get together once again. On May 19, BioBuzz held its first in-person networking event since September at BaneBio in Frederick, MD.

Over 60 people from around the BioHealth Capital Region came out to connect with old friends and make new connections, all while enjoying refreshments and local brews out of a repurposed centrifuge-turned-beer-cooler.

Yes, we were serious about the centrifuge…

If you aren’t familiar with BaneBio, they are most well-known for selling new and used laboratory equipment to the local community as well as around the country. Their “Scientific Supermarket” boasts everything from PCR machines to -80C freezers to microscopes, biosafety cabinets, and everything in between. 

BaneBio sources much of its equipment from biotech companies that have closed their doors, ensuring that all equipment is up to par before listing on their website.

Happy hour attendees got the chance to tour BaneBio’s facilities for themselves, getting a taste of the tremendous stock the company has to offer.

Beyond lab equipment, the BaneBio team is also pro when it comes to lab logistics, including seamlessly moving even the most sensitive equipment into a new space. 

“We attribute much of our company’s success to Doug Bane and the entire team,” said Michael Doub, Lab Director at Eastern Analytical Labs, which just announced the opening of its Middletown, MD medical cannibis testing lab. “They were instrumental in helping us find and procure the best equipment for our facility, which was essential for us recently receiving our license from the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commision.”

Mike Keefe, CEO of Frederick-based Kemp Proteins, added, “When I came on to Kemp Proteins as CEO I always had a vision of scaling up our facilities. BaneBio has been instrumental in providing us affordable, high-quality equipment that has helped us fill in space as well as help us move when the time was right. It’s great to have someone in the local community who not only has access to essential equipment, but partners closely with clients to look out for their best interests.” Kemp Proteins works to synthesize proteins for the biopharma community.

If you weren’t able to come out, never fear – there will be more BioBuzz networking events ahead in the coming months. Be sure to subscribe to our weekly eNewsletter so that you can stay in the loop!